Your wisdom….#5

I really can’t move to my new video series without sharing this email from Martin.

I feel we can all benefit from its contents…….please enjoy!

Thank you for sharing and interpreting this powerful information (Australia Speaks)

Wow ……. that’s astounding stuff isn’t it.

I’m kind of horrified and saddened at the same time.

I feel too that right now I am the most despairing I have ever been of the governance, the remoteness of corporate and bureaucratic service providers, the blatant lying and spin that is evident from so many of our ‘leaders’.

I have walked for peace.

I have walked for climate change.

I have donated to expose corruption and inhumanity.

And I have seen the vast evidence of those who have done the same …and observed the miserable acknowledgement of 15 secs on local TV and a 3rd page by-line in the national daily.

(However) it is rare that a day goes by when I don’t also observe some meditative practice or read something of a spiritual nature that is new and uplifting.

So those things and my immediate friends who share some optimism for the new paradigm emerging, are what tend to help me hold it together.

But it remains not easy.

There a sense of betrayal I feel that is rooted in the exposure of our highly acclaimed democracy, the land of opportunity for all…….blah blah …..blah.

And how did it change so quickly?

So what to do?

It’s the old story isn’t it?

Hold your inner peace by practicing your beliefs in your own life, on the people you meet every day.

Sincerity, generosity, honesty, consideration, patience and love.

These things hold back the tide of despair while Change is happening.

It has to and it will.

Love and hugs



Many blessings to you this week!