Your wisdom….1

Thousands of people have written to me over the years, sharing their own views of my articles. These emails and letters are full of wisdom so I thought I would anonymously share a few with you.

We all learn from one another – and many of you are great Teachers!

This one is from Lisa……only personal names/private details are (changed)…

Life for me since I came back from Heartland has been quite magical- I feel as though I have been carried on the crest of a Divine wave, my feet barely touching the ground.

A week after I returned from the retreat, I received a phone call from a (person) I had worked with last year offering me a job in a small family-owned (organisation).

Initially I felt very torn, as I had finally gotten to a point where I was very happy at my firm even though I knew I couldn’t do (what I wanted to do) for much longer.

But deep within I knew there was a plan unfolding here that was quite larger than myself, and I had a deep knowing that I just needed to trust…

To cut a long story short, I accepted the other job, and with some sadness resigned from my current job. The next day my firm made me an incredible offer to move me to the small department (doing what I wanted to do), with the view of really growing the area into a highly profitable and successful area of the firm. This is a dream come true for me, as I love my firm and love the area (of business), and they are prepared to fully support and back me to achieve whatever it is I want. I have been given such an incredible opportunity.

The most fascinating thing Les is that when I came to you at the end of last year, I was so intensely miserable at my firm. I felt as though I didn’t fit in, no one liked me, blah blah.

You helped me cut through all the garbage that was blocking my light from shining, and I reached a point where I really embraced my firm and accepted that I was going to stay , and really enjoy my time there.

And that’s when all this happened.

While I was in a state of resistance, there was no room for expansion. But by changing my perspective and lovingly embracing my current situation instead of raging against it, I created the space and freedom for Divine Grace to flow.

I am so clear that there is only one thing I need to work on- staying in a constant state of alignment with the Divine.

It so breathtakingly simple yet so painstakingly difficult to do.

But I know that is the only thing to master- everything else will unfold exactly as it’s meant to.

Being in a state of love, gratitude and joy.

What else is there really!

I hope this inspiring true story from Lisa helps you in some area of your own life!

Many blessings,