No tradesman would go to work without his toolbox.

No student would go to school without their lunch-box or exercise books.

Yet neither worker not student would think for a moment that they were their toolbox or lunchbox!

These are simply things that they have…..and which they need in order to carry out various tasks or learn various lessons.

It’s the same with you and I.

We’re not our thoughts, our emotions, our hopes, our visions, our memories, not even our bodies.

These are simply our tool-boxes and lunch-bags.

We simply have these things so we can express our true self through and with them.

And we do so….sometimes well, sometimes not so well….. we tend to sometimes forget who we are and fall for the mistake of believing we’re the toolbox or the lunch-bag……

But we’re not!

In truth, we are the Infinite and eternal Being-ness.

And we’re having, in each moment, a body, a thought, an emotion, a feeling, a memory, a hope, a vision, a whatever it is we want to use to help us to express that being-ness.

Being sensible, we never go out adventuring into life without our toolbox and/or lunch-bag!

Now, what did you pack in yours today?

And how are you going to use your tools or nourish your True self this week?

I’d love to read your feedback, please!

Hugs and deepest love to each of you,