You are connected to the network!

Actually, we all are…..

But not all of us realize it.

Do you remember when you thought of a friend and they called you on the phone just minutes later?

Or the time you thought of someone and almost immediately they physically knocked on the front door?

Or the time you felt the really strong need to phone someone and when you did you found out that they had just received sad news?

What about the time you sensed a companion was sick so – without asking – you “sent them energy” only to have them call you to ask if that was what you had done (and to thank you for it)?

That’s the Network!

Or the time you were asked to send healing to a child and you found out later that they had ‘miraculously’ improved almost immediately?

Or even the time – without any training – you agreed to send healing to a dear friend in another state at a set time ….which you did but an hour behind the time you promised…….only to be told by the friend that your healing arrived sixty minutes later than expected……

And do you remember the time your partner or close friend was about to tell you about a pain or ache that was affecting them when you suddenly felt that pain or ache yourself and told them about it before they had the chance to tell you…..

That’s the Network!

What about the time you lost a precious item and it suddenly came into your head to look under some sheets in an unused cupboard….

Or the time you were looking for a particular photo and you were led to look in the drawer of an old chest?

Or even the time something inside encouraged you to take another route home and because of it you met a long lost friend……

Maybe you can relate to that ‘something inside’ that one day urged you to go somewhere different which led to you meeting someone special who changed your life completely….?.

That ‘something inside’ is part of the Network!

The Network operates for the good of all.

And it functions twenty four hours every day.

That’s because it’s the spiritual network.

How is your connection?

How often do you connect?

What great services offered by this network do you utilize?

Which other services provided by this network would you like to use?

Unlike many networks, this one is totally free!!

All adults and children can happily join: there are no age restrictions.

And connection is always instant and available anywhere at anytime!

Should you ever have a problem you can simply call on the network’s staff (known affectionately as ‘angels’ or ‘bodhisattvas’) who can resolve your issue, very often almost instantly!!

There are no required passwords or pin numbers and no need for two-factor authentication or authorization codes.

Most importantly, all your personal information (even your secrets!) are already on file so there are no complicated forms of any kind for you to have to complete.

And your information can’t be sold as the network is totally revenue free and doesn’t rely on funds of any kind for its upkeep.

It’s the ideal network for the person wanting to truly get ahead and achieve optimum outcomes in every area of their life.

To connect you just go within…..and wait quietly for a moment……

How easy is that?!

It’s the network everyone should use – after all, it’s the one network we are all, already signed up for and in!!

Happy networking!!


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

Peace be within you.