Most of us focus on the small things that simply disappear from importance before the week is out.

In the meantime because we focus on them their importance expands and takes up much of our time and attention.

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for wasted time so we end up achieving far less than we could.

On the other hand, if we focussed on what is truly meaningful to us Life would be able to help us progress in leaps and bounds..

About forty years ago I visited a man named Laurie Suitor, a carpet salesman from Queanbeyan. During our conversation I mentioned that I was unsure how to move forward spiritually and uncertain how to do so and survive financially.

He simply asked me what was important in my life?

I told him spirituality was my Number One essential.

“Then simply give thanks –and get on with it!” he laughed.

“It’s not that easy” I countered. “I need money, too….”.

“How much a year?” he asked.

I told him and he laughed again.

“Then give thanks for the money as well – and get on with it!”.

“It’s not that easy!” I repeated.

“Yes it is!” he laughed.

“It’s not that hard for an abundant universe!”

So I started giving thanks – several times daily – and got on with it……..

Just a few weeks later I was contacted by an investor who had heard me give a talk in Melbourne the previous year in which

I had detailed five ways to start-up a successful business……

Using the model I had mentioned, I was asked to be Chairman of the group that was being formed……

I was asked to simply guide the company.

I would have heaps of time to pursue my spiritual endeavours.

It sounded amazing…..and then I was told that their proposed remuneration was the exact amount I had mentioned to Laurie.

The business went on to run factories in both Sydney and Brisbane and enjoyed outlets at major shopping centres across the two cities.

I was Chairman for around 4 years and throughout that time I was also able to continue and expand my spiritual activities…..

So….what’s important in your life?

How do you stay focused on what’s truly meaningful for you?

And what holds you back??

How often – each day – do you give thanks to the abundant Universe for allowing your dream to easily unfold….and then get on with it?

It’s not hard.

It removes much wasted time.

And the benefits can be life-changing!!

Do it and see for yourself!!

Peace be within you.