Have you ever watched rain running down the window?

Each drop seems to be competing with the next to get to the bottom first….your mind joins in the race.

You take sides, hoping your chosen rain drop gets there before the others…..

It’s called projection.

You project your identity onto the raindrops.

You project your identity onto your dreams.

You project your identity onto everything – your family, your lover, your friends, your work colleagues, your neighbours…..

So what is this thing called an identity?

It’s a series of thoughts strung together to form what we call a ‘personality’.

It changes throughout life but it remains a series of thoughts we string together and use as our ‘channel’ for handling  just about everything that happens to us.

So who thinks up our thoughts?

Who is the Thinker?

Or maybe we should ask…Is there a Thinker?

The answer to these questions is obvious: Yes, there is a Thinker (of sorts) – but it is merely our thoughts.

There is NO independent Thinker.

They are one and the same.

The logic of this answer is found in the understanding  that an ‘Observer’ and their ‘observations’ are one and the same.

You can’t have an Observer without observations – and you can’t have observations without an observer.

In the same way you don’t have a living creature without life – and you don’t have life where there is no living creature.

They, too, are one and the same.

From this it follows that ‘’the Thinker’’ doesn’t actually exist:

Only the experience we call “the Thinking” exists.

So….where does your thinking arise from?

For most of us, at times it arises from our memories

This is the source of those thoughts which are expressed as our anger, our fear, our selfishness, our greed, our intolerance, etc….

At other times, it arises from our “Source”, deep within.

This is the foundation of our kindness, compassion, joy, love, peace, patience, tolerance, caring and truth.

An exercise for this week: five times a day suddenly stop and ask yourself:

From where does my current train of thoughts arise?

How do I benefit from them?

And if they’re not beneficial, how can I change them right now?

At the end of the day we are simply Divine energy expressing Itself.

Sometimes we do it well, at other times badly.

It all depends where we place our attention: on our memories of our past (especially our negative past); or our deeper memory of our Oneness.

Where will your thoughts come from today?

Where do you choose to place your attention?

Peace be within you.