Who is running your life?

In a world where nothing goes perfect for any of us most of the time…..who is running your life?

Is it the Real You – or is it your ego? Your genitals? Your bank manager?
Your boss? Your church? The law? The in-laws? A medical prescription?

Who makes the decisions?

Is it the Real You – or is it fate? Your partner? The Aussie Dollar? Your investment advisor? Your Best Friend? The Grog? The Pills?  Your fears?

Let’s take a moment to look at this most important of all understandings carefully: who is the Real You?

Until we find a meaningful answer to that question, all else is, of course, quite meaningless …

I have found the following answer makes sense to everything else in life!
Let me summarise it for you …

1. We have a Real Soul.

This is that shining light which is an aspect of the Divine. Always with us, it watches what we do, records what happens and guides us if we’ll stop and listen. It is always safe, always alive, no matter what happens.

2. We have a human soul.

This is also called our ego and it’s an aspect of our human body. It’s operated via our brain and so it is always somewhat dissatisfied and always feels incomplete.

3. We have a body.

Our body is actually never alive: it is simply activated (like a puppet) by our Real Soul. However, when our Real Soul withdraws, both our body and our human soul (our ego) simply stop working.

4. Our Real Soul cannot die: it is life itself.

It was alive long before Planet Earth was formed – and it will continue long after this galaxy has imploded!

Each reincarnation allows it to gather more wisdom, more compassion, more knowing……and to move toward its own completion as Love Itself.

5. Our human soul, like our body, cannot live of itself.

Our Human Soul is actually ‘dead’ – and, like our body, is simply activated for as long as our Real Soul is present.

Its sole purpose is to ultimately blend itself into the image of our Real Soul – and thus eventually experience ‘Nirvana’, the total extinguishment of all thoughts we might have of ourselves as a separate and struggling individual called “me’ living some weird existence of gathering things called ‘mine’ about us……..

6. Life is about discerning the difference between our Real Soul and our human (ego) soul –  and letting the Real, the live one control the other not-actually-even-alive one.

When the ‘Real Us’ achieves that control our disillusionments subtly fade; and our dissatisfactions gently dissolve into gratitude for what is really real. Our life becomes a series of authentic adventures!!

This week let us take the most momentous step of all: let’s embrace our Real Soul!

Take some quiet time out…….find a tree, a meadow, an empty church, a silent space ………close your eyes …….slow your breathing …….ignore your thoughts ……..go deep within ……ask to be introduced to the One You Are ………and allow it to feeeel itself into your consciousness!

Become consciously aware of your ‘thought-free’ Inner Awareness itself!

We shall start to explore, in depth, these attributes of life in a fortnight,

Blessings and hugs,



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