When The End Justifies The Means

Last week Osama Bin Laden most probably died.

It seems the country in which he was living wasn’t notified of another country’s intent to fly its aircraft across it to bomb a particular property which their President “hoped” housed the man they sought.

When the combatants reported success (and a number of deaths) people cheered in the streets.

I am not writing about any politics here: I am talking about morality.

Not the morality of an eye for an eye; or the morality of the powerful over the downtrodden – but the morality that binds us all together as humanity.

Whatever your political or religious beliefs, morality stands for a different approach than that taken by those people seeking Mr Bin Laden (or celebrating his death) – that the end justifies any necessary means of getting there.

The same goes for the people murdering their brothers and sisters in Libya, in Ivory Coast, in Syria, in Israel and Palestine, in Egypt, in Asia – the list sadly goes on and on.

The presumed end is used to justify the inhumanity expressed in trying to achieve it.

In Australia, Prime Minister Gillard reversed her stand on a pivotal policy regarding carbon taxing within a week of regaining office. This has become a common practice for a number of Australian Prime Ministers.

Again, I am not talking about the actual policies – but the reversal of promises the moment success has been achieved at the elections. What’s the point of promising policies to encourage people to vote for you if you’re going to drop or radically change them the moment you achieve power?

It’s not inspired leadership at all – but rather simply conniving dishonesty.

And it sets an abysmal standard of leadership.

Once again, politics in this country is shown to come down to a simple equation: the end justifies the means.

Businessman often talk about retaining all staff during a takeover – and then dismiss them after a successful battle for control.

Politicians often talk about reducing costs or taxes – until their programs are passed in parliament, after which higher prices and higher taxes become almost the norm.

In all these cases – and ten thousand more that you can think of yourselves – we see people striving for the end result by using any means possible.

Honesty and morality go out the window.

It’s the same in many private lives.

Don’t you know people who simply lie to get what they want from one another? If it works, it’s a pat on the back. If it doesn’t, it’s back to the drawing board to come up with another approach to achieve the desired end result.

Where is any humanity in any of this perpetuation of deceit, lies, immorality and just plain ethical ineptitude?

The “end” never justifies the “means”.

You and I know that dishonesty and discourtesy never achieves anything of worth.

So what to do?

Sometimes, our societies can seem to be totally out of control and teetering on the brink of total insanity and immorality.

But we can always do something about it.

What’s the answer?

Take the Way Forward.

We can be the example of THE WAY FORWARD.

Call it courtesy, call it respect, call it love, call it honesty, call it sincerity – it’s the True Way of Humanity.

And when we express it we’re being the True Leaders of the future.

As small as we may feel – as insignificant as we may seem compared with all the peace-shattering events going on around us – we can always stand up for the simple truths of courtesy, civility and positive, compassionate caring action.

By doing so, we keep the torch of Awareness and Love brightly shining.

And it is that shining which will soon lead our societies out of their current problems of fear and hurt.

Thankyou for reading my messages – just for doing so I believe you are part of this world’s solution….a True Leader of the Future!

If we all learnt – simply by example – to be the way we already know we’re meant to be – the world would change overnight!

For example, if everyone stopped fighting we’d instantly find the peace the planet seeks!

It isn’t rocker science.

It isn’t even complicated religious dogma.

It’s simply commonsense.

I send you boundless love!



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