When Life Gets In The Way

Do you ever get annoyed when life’s twists and turns get in the way of your spiritual practice?
It could be anything that drags us away from our sense of inner equilibrium….. a dog that is incessantly barking….. cars ‘hooning’ along the road…… planes flying close overhead…… neighbours shouting loudly to one another….. people smoking nearby…… rude shopkeepers….. annoying phone calls…….. unwanted visitors…… being delayed in a queue….. being unfairly accused of something….. being asked to help out when you have more important things to do….. having to take care of a relative or friend when we had planned other places to go to and other things to do…..
All of these interruptions and challenges can frustrate and sometimes even anger us.
We feel they are pulling us off our Path and taking up time we could be using better and wiser.

Then we stop.

We ponder.

And we realize that these seeming obstacles and delays are the very fibre and weave of life.
They are the things that haphazardly happen between birth and death – in that space we call Life.

They are Life.

And it is how we handle them – not how we avoid them – that indicates our level of spiritual maturity and integrity.

True Understanding about Life isn’t about escape from the trivia of living – but is bound up in how we handle the trivia of everyday living.

The trivia is life!

Our approach and handling of it is the measure of our embrace of our Inner Spirit.

Next time you’re asked to put the rubbish out, remember……..the rubbish is trivial…….but how we put it out is critical to our embrace of the Divine Spirit within!

Many blessings,