When ego-es God comes

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One member (for almost 25 years now!) sent me a request this week:
“can u in layman’s terms explain what ‘ego’ really is, not the ego people talk about when referring to someone who is ‘full of themselves’

When ego-es God comes….

Ego is that part of each of us which we sense as our personal identity.

It’s what we each call ‘me’.

We have a natural tendency to want to explore and fully comprehend our own ‘me’.

We most easily do this by comparing ourselves with others.

Unfortunately, we tend to be selective with our comparisons…..

So some of us compare our inadequacies and end up seeing ourselves negatively.

Others compare our ‘better’ or ‘cleverer’ attributes so we see ourselves more positively.


The fact is we are all simply different.

So any comparison is nonsense.

We are each unique, beautiful, extraordinary creations of the Divine.

We are each Spirit in a physical embodiment.

We are each God’s Love in material expression.


We aren’t here to compare – we’re here to Love!

That’s all folks!

We’re not here to be politicians, doctors, dentists, solicitors, farmers, cooks, truck drivers, priests, salespeople, writers, artists, scientists, white, black, yellow, male, female, anglicans, catholics, buddhists, hindus, jews, shintoists …….or anything else.

We’re here to let the spark of Love which is our Soul burst into a Flame of Love as our life!

We’re here to simply use our attributes, our skills, our circumstances, to fan that Spark into a Flame which will burn to oblivion all of our negativity and poverty of spirit and love.


Ultimately, when we own our truth, our ego will become superfluous – and when that burns we will find our True Life and our True Self in the Heart of God.


Love and Blessings,