This is the single, most important question anyone can ever ask themselves.
Through earnest contemplation of this question can every concern of life be resolved.
Through earnest listening to the answers we find can we achieve freedom and consciousness.
Through earnest attention to carrying out the replies we receive can we find Sublime Love, our self-realization.
We achieve this by intently, consciously, carefully, thoroughly and wholly carrying out these inner replies.
We leave nothing undone that should be done.
Nothing unsaid that should be said.
Nothing unresolved that should be resolved.
Nothing incomplete that should be completed.

This is the most potent question a thinking, conscious person with integrity can seriously ask themselves!
The answers always point only to reconciliation, compassion, trust, faith, peace, harmony, wholeness, selflessness, compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness, acceptance, empowerment, self-worth, love and the Divine Presence.
These attributes are the antithesis of the dream (for the dream encourages hate, war, greed, failure, lust, need, distrust, anger, violence, jealousy, envy, pride, supremacy, superstition, separation and exclusivity).

What would love do…….now?
This is the only question we need to repeat continuously until we actively and consciously become both the question and the answer.
By actively and consciously becoming the question our life-focus is forever on love.
By actively and consciously becoming the answer our life-expression is forever being love.

We will regularly forget.
Often, we will fall asleep, although still awake: poor habits die hard!
With practice, such occurrences will diminish.
We will more often awake more quickly – and then, free of any self-sabotage (which would have us criticize, punish or demean ourselves for a presumed infraction of our own intentions) – we simply re-commence conscious, empowered living.
With practice, awareness will increase – both in duration, intensity and focus.
And thus we will find growing self-empowerment.

Meditate on this consciously and constantly during the week: What would love do……right now?

Love and Blessings,