Let me quickly update you……

*The developing world pays back on average $130 for every $100 it receives in aid grants! The poorest countries who have paid back their debts still owe the wealthy countries some $523 billion in interest!
*When Zimbabwe crashed economically it printed a 100 trillion dollar bill (that’s 14 zeros after the 1)……You needed a bucket full of them for a local bus fare!
*In the last 7 years Bitcoin has increased in value by 13 million%.
*A painting by Salvator Mundi sold for US$135 in 1958. This year, it re-sold for just US$450,000,000- an increase of around 296 million%.
*China’s total current debt is estimated at US$73.2 trillion. That’s equivalent to the value of the entire global economy!
The world is obsessed with money, money and more money!!

Why do I write this? After all, we all know the world’s going crazy, right?
Well, it’s because of that old saying……what goes UP must come DOWN!
Most of us feel pretty pleased with ourselves when our monetary worth and our assets go up……..but we can easily feel pretty disillusioned when they go down!

So, the way things are today is the perfect time to change our perspective and become pleased with ourselves for just being who we are – before the next crash!
Don’t let anyone tell you a crash isn’t coming!
It’s an historically proven fact.
Prices and values have always gone up and always come down.
Interest rates, house prices, wages – and even the Zimbabwean trillion dollar note!

So here’s the simple answer to protect yourself against money’s devastating effects!
Place your trust NOT on your money and what you can afford to buy but on your personal values and what you choose to do!
Don’t ask what can I buy next? But what can I do next?
Maybe learn to paint?
Play the piano?
Join a choir?
Study a new interest?
Take up a new hobby?
Take part in a charity rally?
Establish your own healthy vegie garden?
Foster a child?
Support an aid organisation?
Offer your skills to a local community group?
Be a mentor for teenagers in need?
Start a meditation group?
Become a safe house?
Join a political party or special interest group?
Write a book?

Each of these activities takes us away from “how much money am I worth?”
and brings us to “How much help can I be?”.
One is based on greed; the other on self-worth.
So…………what will you choose to do next?

Blessings and hugs,