You don’t actually die – although it certainly looks that way!

Your physical body starts to decompose because the energy body that gives it life – commonly called the etheric body withdraws its sustenance. With its life-energy withdrawn, the physical body starts to quickly dissipate and return to the constituent states from which it was formed. The water leaks out, the salts return to their salt-form, the metals return to metallic formations, etc. As we have been told, from dust we came and to dust we surely return. Our bones, left alone, simply crumble to dust.

Luckily for us we’re not our bones, brains or bodies!

Upon death our consciousness withdraws into those parts of us that are still functioning.

These include our emotional/feeling body, our mental/thinking body and our spiritual/loving body.

We then spend time – as much as we need – in a kind of purgatory. This isn’t hell but it may seem like it! That’s because we get to review everything we have done in life – and to see all the effects and ramifications of our actions. For many of us this can bring us to great despair as we recognise precisely what our ignorance and selfishness has caused others.

The Christian church claimed this was an endless hell – but it lasts only as long as it takes us to genuinely recognise and then sincerely regret our inappropriate thoughts, words and actions. For many of us this takes no more than a few months. After all, God doesn’t want to beat us up for being human- but rather simply wants us to wake up to who we really are… the godlight in human form!

After our realisations, we drop our emotional/feeling body (in a sense, die to it) and our consciousness withdraws once more into those parts of us that are still functioning.

These include our mental/thinking body and our spiritual/loving body.

Then we spend time – as much as we need – in a sort of heaven. This isn’t a permanent home but rather a temporary state of absolute bliss.

In this state of bliss we completely heal.

We do this by first recognising the truths of life that already exist deep within (in fact, in our mental and spiritual bodies). This means celebrating the Divine and our One-ness within it.

After we have done this we are ready to die again- this time to shuck off our mental/thinking body and stand tall in our spiritual/loving body.

When we do this we are re-connected to the angelic realms.

Here we refresh, refocus and re-energise ourself. We have truly “come home” to our soul..

Then we re-envision new experiences and ready ourselves for re-entry to the wonderfully exciting world of three dimensional living.

First our spiritual/loving body creates a new mental/thinking body.

Then the mental body creates a new emotional/feeling body.

Then the emotional body creates a new etheric/blueprint body.

Then the etheric body implants itself within an egg in the womb, awaiting physical activation through spirit, via the sperm.

Voila! Another life comes into existence!

For many of us this entire process takes no more than the equivalent of five earth years – the blink of a cosmic eye in reality – although some are ready to return much quicker to fulfil their further destiny.

Others choose to remain in spirit form for extended periods of time. It matters not.

The cycle of life continues on and on and on……

An Affirmation:

I am Endless Life celebrating Boundless Life in Life Eternal!
How joyous and safe am I!

More in a fortnight!

Blessings and Love,


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