Video Chat – “The Start”

Dear Friends,

So many friends have requested more interactive articles that I have agreed to offer my ‘talks’ not only in print but now in video also.

Now you can see me and hear me as well – hopefully a satisfying alternative to simply reading my words!

To establish this new approach, I will be uploading a video “Chat” every fortnight on You-Tube.

I shall simply send you a link so you can click onto it……and voila! I should appear in full colour gesticulating wildly on your screen!

After 5 video-chats (the end of the year) I shall offer you the option of either receiving the You Tube url for instant viewing, or receiving the written article, or both.

The purpose in doing this is that I wish to share my teachings and ideas with as many people as possible; and I realise that instant viewing is, these days, the more modern approach for messaging.

My first ‘Video Chat” can be seen now by going to:

I must start with an apology: it’s about 9 minutes long – about twice the length of the other video chats I shall be offering. I have kept it longer so we can start our new form of relationship on a firm footing.

It hopefully explains much about myself.

Please share it with your friends and family. Thankyou.

Love and Blessings,


That link again –

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