Selling our valley property (last fortnight’s article) wasn’t the only surprising event that occurred as a result of giving thanks and trusting in the Divine.

Heartland, itself, was another example.

Trudi and I had been searching for a venue where we could live and work in one place rather than live at our valley and operate from a separate rented property six minutes drive away which we maintained and upgraded – but where we were not allowed to leave our fixtures and fittings “in case the owners wanted to use the buildings when we were absent”. Each week we had to lug everything home in our van and then bring it all back the following week. Then the owners without any warning at all doubled the rent. Then they insisted the double-rent be retrospective to the start of the original agreement. We called the venue New Veda and tried to make the most of its rustic buildings, composting toilets, group showers, wild nature-habitat and extreme challenges.

Eventually the owners offered to give the property gratis to another spiritual organisation who had never even visited it – and we realised our hard-work, improvements, care, money and spiritual aspirations obviously weren’t welcome.

We started looking in earnest for an alternative venue. Yet, everything was so expensive and far beyond our very modest budget.

“Let’s build it at home” I suggested.

“How?” replied Trudi.

“No idea, but let’s float the idea anyway”.

So float the idea we did. We took each New Veda group of visitors out to our valley to gauge their ideas about the suitability of our home as a venue.

It was a dud. Few people liked it. Private road was too rough. No-one would find it. Too quiet. Too far off the beaten track. Too this. Too that.

Then Mercia, a retired Catholic Sister, visited and declared it a “wonderful place for a retreat”. We were elated.

Two days later Mercia rang, seeking confession.

“Shouldn’t you call a priest?” I asked.

“No. I need to confess to you” cried Mercia. “I am guilty of blatant lying. I told you untruths to make you feel good. Your property isn’t suitable at all. Far too steep for older people. Far too rocky. Far too……”

“Thank you. I’ve gotten the message” I interrupted her.

“But I do have good news” Mercia chirped up.

“There’s good news?” I replied.

“Yes, Jesus has told me you must give thanks and look up the internet. There’s a place waiting for you”.

My eyeballs rose upward……we had spent almost everyday for three months looking in vain on the internet.

Three days later I still hadn’t been able to remove Mercia’s message from my thoughts. It drove me almost crazy. Give thanks and look up the internet, the internet, the internet, the internet…… we did.

First we gave thanks.

Then we looked up the internet.

First up came a property we hadn’t seen before that was close by. Around three times our maximum budget but it had everything we’d need…….

“Let’s at least look at it” I suggested, prompted by something unseen within me. Trudi agreed. So we rang immediately, again prompted by that something unseen within. The agent answered. Yes, they were at the property that morning – did we want to see it?

“Yes” we replied.

“And this morning” the something-unseen-within added.

So we left immediately to look at it.

“I suppose it’s the dramatic price drop in today’s ad that brought you?” said the agent, extending her hand in welcome.

“What ad?” I asked.

“What price drop?” asked Trudi.

“The owner’s just want it off their hands so they’re willing to sacrifice it” beamed back the agent.

The price plunge was hefty reducing it down from three times to just twice our budget.

We viewed everything and agreed it was just perfect. Large acreage for development, orchard, bore, dam, main house, three cottages, extra house….perfect in every way except for the price…….

“Is there anything you don’t like?” nudged the-something-unseen – this time from within the agent.

We desperately sought for a nice way to tell her it was just too expensive.

“Well, we don’t need that other house way over there” I pointed into the distance…..

“Then take that house and its small acreage out of the sale” smiled the agent. “It’s on another title and I can sell it separately.”.

“How much does that change the price?” we hesitantly asked.

“Half price” smiled the agent.

Our eyes opened wide. And then wider. And then wider still.

Trudi nodded yes.

Taking the $50 I had in my wallet I extended my hand toward the agent “Will this do for a holding deposit?”

Giving thanks opens us to the abundance of the Universe.

Listening to that something-unseen-within opens the doors we are shown.

Yet listening by itself isn’t enough.

We have to act on what we’re told in order to move through those doors.

We have to trust.

We have to walk our everyday living with our hand firmly entrusted to the Divine.

Can you do this?

Do you do this?

If you do – what can you possibly have to lose? Nothing at all.

And what will you gain……..?

Life’s possibilities are endless!

TRUST is the key.

More in a fortnight!

Love and Blessings,


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