It had been a long time since I had spoken to my father as he strongly preferred  that we not speak or see one another.

And then he died.

I felt it.

The etheric ties that bound us together made me aware of his passing.


I naturally assumed his family – my stepmother, half brothers and half and stepsisters – would advise me, his eldest son, of his passing….

But I heard nothing.

Many months went by; I presumed I had been mistaken. And then a visitor from the town where he lived told me of his passing – and even the date.

I had been right – even to the date – all along.

Many years hadn’t diminished our etheric ties.

Things like this have surely happened to you, too.

You and I can use these etheric ties to help ourselves by helping others…..

You simply think positively, optimistically, lovingly and abundantly about a person who is a negative or destructive influence in your life.

You visualize them daily for around three minutes, preferably when you are most focused and alert.

You see them in their wholeness – not being nice to you – but being nice to themselves and humanity…..you visualize them being their “real” self.

Depending on their level of stubbornness, it may take anything from twelve to twenty weeks or more for your nudging to take effect…..so don’t stop when the first signs appear but be willing to offer this (always unspoken!) service daily (for just 3 minutes) for up to six months…..

You don’t picture them agreeing with you or changing in any particular way or even doing something with or for you – but instead you picture them being (on the outside) a most beautiful, caring and loving being that is confident, caring, relaxed, happy and helpful.

This ‘most beautiful being’ is who they truly are on the inside, in spite of what might be their external behaviour due to some hurt, fear, pain, shame, anger, disappointment, misfortune  or other negative situation.

I call it ‘etheric nudging’. One lady who was constantly assaulted by her separated partner watched as he s-l-o-w-l-y turned from foe to friend.

The ‘cherry on the top of the cake’ came when, being a handyman,  he offered to modernize her bathroom for herself and live-in boyfriend!!

Let’s be honest – we can’t change others to fit our personal requirements: but we can nudge others and encourage them to be the best they can be.

And that is a win-win for everyone!!


Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you.