Thanks to everyone who felt the urge to respond to my latest article (Vote 1: Sanity).
I am sure that humans are AWAKENING to consciousness. That means making up their own minds, not simply functioning from instinctive herd mentality as is still the case with most animals. As humans awake, they express the love and compassion they find themselves to be. This is self evident if you look at the change toward compassionate action between the world today and the world 300 years ago.
Of course, not everybody awakens at the same time. Some stay asleep a lot longer than others. Just like happens in an ordinary family. Yet deep within everybody has empathy, love and compassion. That’s Consciousness and we all have it. Some people are awake and aware of it. Some aren’t. Not yet. That includes politicians, bankers, industrialists, bakers, candlestickmakers – and even our nearest and dearest.

Awakening requires change – and change requires understanding that change is vital – and that requires people to face the real facts of how sick society has truly gotten. Unfortunately, that needs things to get SO bad that people insist on change. And only THAT will move pollies to change things, rather than get kicked out of their comfy seats and entitlements……..And so it goes……..the obvious has to become REALLY OBVIOUS first!!!

What can we do right now? This special weekend? We can all visualise a new healthy world order full of compassion, caring and inclusiveness. Then the Universe will recognize our innermost desire and start to help us to bring it about.
Grateful Visualisation is the first key!
Try it for this weekend!! And vote not out of self-interest but out of compassion.
Many blessings and hugs,

Here are a few of the vast number of comments received (all positive, not one negative):

I feel devastated by the way our politicians have become so inhumane. They seem heartless in their treatment of boat people and full of lies and yet you can see that they know and feel bad about it.

Bring on the box. Myself and many I know would support it with commitment and absolute passion.

I would gladly support this much needed change, because everything you have written is true to the core, and I tire of it.  I hesitate to tick any box in this present election because you just know that there are none of core spiritual values in the key players.  With our vote we vote to only hurt ourselves and who wishes to do that really.

hopefully this election will be a big shock to the 2 main parties

Voting 1 for Sanity would making voting feel worthwhile.

it’s difficult to watch and listen to all the rubbish about the election and my goodness it would be fabulous if someone put their hand up for the job ……..the world needs like minded individuals

It scares me what is happening to our country and what future my kids will have because of it. A little common sense and human decency seems to be too much to ask for in politics. Such is the state of our politics that I don’t want to vote. I have no faith in any major party or their ability to do what is right and good for our country and our people. I know a lot of people feel the same but greed and money are too strong in our society to foster change. I, like you, hope that someone someday soon has the courage to make that spiritual box a reality.

– the word says “my people perish for a lack of vision” and this goes personally, in corporate and public arenas – it’s a universal truth

a unity as one of Australian’s – an awakening – would make a change , but humans have been programmed sewn with the so called western civil world ways that ego & fear along with the $’s control humans…….