This (new) year…..

This New Year is brand new.

Every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

It has never existed before and every experience you have within it will be brand new, too.

It will last but a moment and every experience you have during its brief appearance will last but a moment, as well.

So how will you live it, my dear friends?

Will you regurgitate last year, the year before, the year before that – or maybe your childhood?

Or will you face this brand new opportunity with an invigorated desire for adventure?

Will you rely on old habits, old hurts, old ways of muddling by, old beliefs, old programs?

Or will you face this exciting moment in time with an openness to grow and see the wonder of your life through fresh, renewed and innocent eyes?

The choice is always yours, isn’t it?

But what actually is that choice?

Surely, it’s to stay as a limited, bound, curtailed, boxed-in physical human being trying their best in an un-safe world out to minimise them……OR to allow ourselves to accept ourself as a truly limitless, free spirited, safe and entirely spiritual infinite being of Light and Love.

We do so by dis-owning our egoic smallness and embracing our ego-less divinity and greatness.

We are Love.

Love is our true religion.

Love is our only way.

This is our real choice, ultimately our only choice.

It’s a challenge each of us face every moment of our lives.

And one I have tragically failed far too often…..

Yet, I am reminded that another opportunity to embrace the truth of Life is here now and now and now and now…… And there are many beautiful teachers, both religious and spiritual, to help us bridge the gap.

I pray that you find the right one for yourself and with their guidance move into a truly New year, a genuinely new approach to life, love and every gift offered freely and lovingly to each of us by the universe!

This is the only answer that will lead to the world you and I seek.

Blessings to everyone for an awakened new year!