The Way Forward

In this article I have tried to share with you one of my deepest beliefs.
Please accept my wish that you will read between my awkward words and see between my cumbersome lines Truths that speed you homeward……

Last article I spoke about The Way Forward.
The article before I spoke about Sai Baba who became famous partly for his statement: “I am God. And you too are God. The only difference between you and Me is that while I am aware of it, you are completely unaware.”
Most people only remember the first part of that quote – that Sai said he was God – and forget the rest. And yet it is the rest of that statement which frees us from the tyranny of sickness, hurt, fear and disempowerment if we can understand it.

The article before I wrote about living and thinking sanely.
And before that I wrote about Jesus the extraordinary revolutionary who is reputed to have said many seemingly incredible statements including “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness”.
Few people today think that’s a sane approach to life.
Connection to the spiritual realms and the Divine has become of secondary importance after the supposedly important things have been attended to ……things like working in a good job, dealing with relationships, earning money, staying healthy (or getting well), collecting assets (from houses to bank accounts, cars to shares), being able to enjoy good food, drink and sexual expression, feeling worthy and having a handle on what’s important in life….
And yet, of course, it is living from the perspective of Jesus’ statement which leads to real sanity in the first place (and therefore the true enjoyment of all those things mentioned above).

All of my articles point towards the one most extraordinary fact of human life which I personally express as:
“There is but One World and one Life – and it is Divine”.
This, for me, is the Way Forward.

There aren’t two worlds, the human world and the spiritual world.
There is just ONE world – and it is nameless (although I choose to call it God simply for convenience).
It is Divine.
It is Eternal.
It is Immortal.
It is expressed in the boundlessness, the awesome exuberance and the limitlessness of Life.
And that includes all spiritual realms, including those we assume are purely material and human.

As long as we sense and imagine it’s ‘us down here and them up there’ we’ll always lack self-worth.
As long as we see ourselves as ‘poor cousins’ to Spirit, we’ll always focus on our seeming lacks and hurts.
As long as we imagine that we’re having to go it alone and struggle back into anyone’s good books, we’ll imagine we’re not good enough.
And the more we imagine we’re not good enough, lack self-worth and focus on our supposed negatives the more entrenched our presumed beliefs will become regardless of whether they’re true or not!

On this planet we’ve made a very sick art form out of misperception.

In the Bible, John starts his gospel by writing: In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God and the Word was God…………..And the Word was made flesh…….
In other words the Divine exists right here, right now.
If we truly understand Life we understand that this world is an aspect of the spiritual world – no more, nor less than any other aspect of the truth we call the spiritual realm.
It’s 100% spirit.
We just can’t see it (or, as Paul put it, “We see through a glass, darkly”).
It’s all around us – and within us as us – but we can’t see it.
We think we’re just people on a small planet, having to fight the elements, the hardships and the enemies that would destroy us.
We generally do not see ourselves as the Divine celebrating this awesome three dimensional adventure called “being people” within this time-space continuum vibrationally created by our Higher Self to look like a most beautiful planet, and being able within it to create endless beautiful scenarios of rich interaction for our divine pleasure.

When we wake up from the dream we call ‘ordinary life’ (a mirage many of us call a nightmare), we find it isn’t an imaginary mirage at all – but our perception of it was truly and wildly distorted.
We thought that what we were trapped in was for real (“the real world” as people often say to me) and was an endless challenge, a constant struggle for survival.
We find it is a joyous choice amongst endless choices, simply a boundless creation of love, real only in the moment – and only so we can express our true selves in myriad wondrous ways.

When we see clearly we heal because we no longer hold onto the misguided ideas of hurt, pain, fear and struggle (the absences we erroneously fear are real). Instead we let love flow boundlessly.
We also see everything as an aspect of the Divine – a gift to be relished and enjoyed to the full.
And we also see everyone as an aspect of the same Divine Being-ness (even when they’re not aware of it) – a loved one to be treasured and appreciated.

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within – surely it is time for each of us to take the Way Forward – really go within, deeply find it, embrace it and share it with everyone else!
For ALL is that self-same Kingdom – every person, every place, every event, every moment, every thing!
One’s Self is ONE SELF – and that One Self is EVERYTHING!
I send you boundless love!


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