The Way Forward – Part 3

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express my admiration to each of you for reading my articles: they aren’t always easy to follow and they certainly aren’t part of mainstream alternative pop culture. May you be blessed for your desire to find your own innate truths.

The Way Forward – Part 3

In this short series I have shared with you my core beliefs. The most important of these is that: we have erroneously perceived ourselves as separate to the Divine.

Our misperception arises because we can see ourselves – but cannot clearly yet sense the life-force that expresses Itself – within us – as our real Self.

How can we move into greater awareness of the source of Real Self?
This we achieve by ‘no-doing’.
Let me repeat that to make it crystal clear: we move into greater awareness by no-doing.

I realise this may sound like nonsense to many people at first sight – how can no-doing help us to recognise the truth of our existence?!
First we must understand that this ‘truth of our existence’ is a state of being – not a state of doing.

For many people on this planet, it is their doings which establish their state of being.
This is the state of the ego – look at me, look at what I’ve done, what I’m doing, what I own, where I go, what I wear, where I live, what I think, ….look at me, look at my body, my face, my figure, my car, my partner, my job, my bank account, my skills, my potential…..(even my illnesses, my hurts and my disappointments….)
It has been thus ever since our first dawning of awareness.
Even if we ‘do nothing’ we’re still doing something – and the ego still holds our attention (even if it is with boredom!).

However, for those now accessing the Divine Within, it is their authentic being which establishes all their doings, their comings and their goings.
This is the state of the real – the divine flows through me, as me, free of any need for proof, applause, commendation or public acclaim. I am. And that is ample and enough because it is real.

Yet still for many of us –myself sometimes included – as soon as we do anything at all we are compromised by the actions of our ego. It takes over and loudly calls out to all and sundry “Look at me!”.
That’s because the ego always functions whenever we come from other than the Divine.

Doing nothing stops the ego in its tracks.
With nothing doing, ego doesn’t have the opportunity to express itself.
In this state of no-doing, this state of stillness and silence, our true Being is able to express itself to ourself as ourself.
Nothing is done – but everything happens.

No matter if you can keep this state of no-doing for 3 minutes or 30 minutes – any state of no-doing is better than the ego’s state of doing.
Simply holding this state of no-doing for any length of time allows you the opportunity to experience the Divine – and once experienced the knowing remains consciously with you forever.

Thus can we move from a state of total delusion that we are separate, alone and having to battle life at every turn in order to survive a little longer – to a state of evolved recognition that we are one with the Divine and that, as we stop blocking that energy from flowing effortlessly through us, as us, everything happens safely as is meant.

No-doing we open our awareness to knowings that are real.
No-doing we open our awareness to truth, love, peace, abundance and fulfilment.
No-doing we open our awareness to the sureness of the infinite and eternal.

Then, when we do something, we open our options to now be able to come from the Divine.
We have found the bridge that leads us homeward.

This week, listen to your Inner Self from that place of ‘no-doing’.
Blessings and hugs,

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