The Way Forward – Part 2

Two articles ago I shared with you one of my deepest beliefs – There is but One World and one Life – and it is Divine.

I shared how I believe we are ALL part of the Divine, not just created but actually a living expression of it.
And I also shared how I believe that on this planet we’ve made a very sick art form out of misperception.

One aspect of that misperception is to see God as a person – albeit an all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing Giant one – and to be somewhat hung-up on His intrinsic maleness.
Even when we refute his maleness, we most often replace it with a female counterpart: the Giant simply grows breasts.
God, of course, is far different from the sham we revere when we make him or her in our own image.
God isn’t a person: and neither are we.

Another aspect of that misperception is to see ourselves as totally lacking any real worth, real beauty, real value or real purpose.
For many, we are well and truly hung up on our innate sinfulness, mistakes, failures and ‘can’t do’s”.
We see ourselves as “bad”, “wrong”, “stupid”, “useless”…the list goes on and on.
Even when we refute our perceived weaknesses, we most often identify instead with perceived strengths, powers and abilities.
We see ourselves then as powerful, in charge and worthy of respect and reverence.
The rest of us address such beings as Master, Lord, Your Holiness, Your Worship, Your Eminence, The Most Reverend….
this list goes on and on, as well.
God, of course, requires of us no powers, abilities or strengths.
And it’s not our abilities or powers that matter but our love.

We take error further by denying our own immortality – and misperceive as irreversible death as our final ending.
For some there is hope in an afterlife, often misperceived as a spiritual extension of the life just lived, complete with one’s entire family, if not the furniture, the mannerisms and even the clothes.
We are, of course, the energy of perpetual movement from body to body, form to form, life to life – each of them perceived as a form of matter where none exists.

How could we get it so wrong?
We have simply perceived ourselves as separate to the Divine.

All Life is one with the Divine.
None is separate.
All life, other than ourselves, is simply God-being-life.
None has awareness of its beingness.
It simply is: be it flower or planet or animal or rock or wind or rain…..

Yet, for us, it is different – we have been gifted Awareness.
None, other than ourselves, has been given the opportunity to recognize its own state of Being.
The Lion doesn’t say “Aaah, I am a Lion!”
The Eagle doesn’t say “I am an Eagle”.
Only Man says “I am a Human”.

At the moment of conscious self-awareness, we perceive ourselves as ourselves, as our specific form.
There is no God to be seen.
This is because there is no God capable of being seen – in a form we could call “God”.
And most of us still only see form.
God is pure potential, lovingly and harmoniously expressing Itself boundlessly, eternally and infinitely in a limitless profusion of interconnected activities and forms and vibratory expressions we sense as “life” and All That Is.

Our misperception arises because we can see ourselves – but cannot clearly yet sense the life-force that expresses Itself – within us – as our self.
The good news is that as we move into greater awareness of this life-force, we move into greater awareness of our Self.
And, as we do so, we become more fully aware of the Divine as the sole originator, creator, instigator, fortifier and progenitor of everything we are, everything we have, everything we interact with and everything we do.
Like Jesus, we come to that immense realization of our own Divine Source and Being which impels us to sincerely and humbly declare: “Of myself I can do nothing….”

Our sense of separation, of the absence of anything divine and wonderful within us, is merely an immature perception of our reality. Yet, out of this immature sense of separation arises all of our confusions, disorders and negative, self-limiting behaviours.

This fortnight, study yourself – and consider who or what it is in yourself that gives you the perception to undertake your study!
I send you boundless love!


Next Issue: Moving Into Greater Awareness of The Source Of Self

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