Val wrote this week, asking me “I am very confused on this whole issue. I feel saddened and angry with the whole world from these ISIS to the “Leaders ” of our countries through all levels of government………devaluing human life. My mind is in a whirl as to what to believe, disbelieve or trust!”.

Val then quoted from the Christian evangelist Hal Lindsey who has written “ We are reporting on the threat ISIS poses to the Middle East and the world…..the unbelievable brutality and cruelty currently on display in Iraq and Syria. When you begin to focus on the sheer depths of the depravity you enter a realm that can only be described as spiritual darkness. All of us have experienced a level of spiritual warfare that comes along only once in a while.
I believe that’s because we are not witnessing merely the rise of a political or ideological movement, or the carnage of a messy civil war but we are seeing the emergence of a new manifestation of evil in our world

Last article I wrote that “Only Hurt people hurt people” and I am certain that the current mayhem in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere is the result of society’s refusal to seriously address the basic human rights of the individual. Those of us who are lucky enough to live in “advantaged conditions” simply pay lip service to the humanitarian needs of the “disadvantaged” masses.

How would you react if others bombed your homes, your schools, your hospitals, killed your children, your parents, your extended family, your friends, destroyed your shops, your banks, your businesses, drove millions through fear and starvation out of your country…….? You’d be angry. Very angry.

And this is the very situation unfolding today: we are witnessing hurting people doing their best to hurt others.

The wealthy of this world significantly keep expanding their wealth whilst the growing mass of the poor get poorer. As an example, Australia currently spends $5 billion dollars on foreign aid – that’s just 32 cents in every $100 of our gross national income. That means Australia, with the 10th highest income per capita in the world (after Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc), ranks just 13th out of the 28 wealthy OECD member nations that give aid. In other words, no-one – not even most of the other wealthy countries – is hardly sharing anything!

And that even goes for local help – this week Brisbane City Council widely publicized the near completion of the Legacy tunnel under the city, named after the worthy local charity which will benefit from its toll paying customers, The Lord Mayor proudly announced they would be giving Legacy ONE CENT from each $5 toll. Wow! What generosity!! ONE CENT!

Australia’s current Foreign Minister has said (May 2014) that “the Coalition Government has declared foreign aid an instrument of “economic diplomacy”, not a tool of poverty reduction”.

The facts are obvious: if Australia and the rest of the world continues to allow people to suffer in deplorable conditions they will revolt – as and however they can – when they see others living “the good life”. Warfare to quell them will just make them rise up more determined.

In the case of Muslims they will simply revert to the example set by Mohammed himself: Islam originally gained its solid base across the Middle East and North Africa by similar processes to those used by ISIS today. People were forced by Mohammed (and then later by his descendants) to convert to Islam or they were beheaded on the spot. Jihad was authorized by the Koran itself. Probably, like before, it will only be stopped by strong non-islamic societies that halt its advance – but that won’t resolve the underlying cause of discontent……most people on this planet simply lack the basic security, food, fresh water, help, sanitation, comforts and conveniences you and I take every day for granted.

Still over 18,000 children under the age of 5 unnecessarily died EVERY DAY last year.

Hell is a closed Heart.

Heaven is an open, flowing Heart.

Life will continue to be hell for the majority of our fellow humans on this planet as long as those who can refuse to allow heaven to flower.

As I wrote several years ago, TO DESTROY AN ENEMY, MAKE A FRIEND.

To make a friend, hold their hand and help them re-build their lives, roads, schools and temples.

Let them know they are safe.

Ensure they have adequate water and food; and the opportunity to grow their industries and fields.

Give them hope.

Only through friendship will the masses curb the fanatics.

Only through friendship will the world find the peace and stability it seeks.

This is a radical time in the world’s history.

Only a radical and spiritual solution will create lasting positive change.

If we all demand mature, intelligent action by those in power……the change we all seek can happen.

Heaven can exist on Earth in this century.




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