I have supported many people through their healing journeys.

One of the first taught me about the Power Of Words.

It happened over 35 years ago when John lived at Emu Plains in Western Sydney…..

He suffered from a cancerous growth visible from his jaw to his neck which had spread through his body.

He was given no chance for life beyond a month or so.

He had heard about spiritual healers in the Phillipines and sought my advice: should he visit them?

“What do you have to lose?” I told him.

So he packed his bags and took the first flight to the Phillipines.

He stayed three weeks and came back with his cancerous growth significantly reduced in size and overall health greatly improved.

Over the next six months he continued to heal: the growth entirely disappeared and his face was flushed with health and vigour.

He seemed to be totally free of any disease and he was eagerly making plans for his future.

But then it happened: he read a double page ‘Daily Telegraph’ article entitled ‘Bogus Healing Cults Of The Phillipines”.

The story stated that the cult was preying on helpless people and their ‘healings’ were phony and a sham….

John’s trust in his own healing vaporized into thin air.

He trusted the printed word over his own lived experiences.

And over the next few months his cancer returned: and he died.

Years later I met Monica.

She had been told she had inoperable cancer and would die.

She, too, visited the Phillipines for Spirit healing.

She, too, came back fully healed.

She, too, then heard the criticism of their methods.

But her trust in her healing remained impregnable.

She trusted the Power of The Universe over the Power of The Press.

And over the next four decades she gave thanks by being a Spiritual

Guide and Mentor to all that came to her.

I know.

I met her.

She guided me.

Two similar tales.

Two different endings.

One belief: that which you believe will be so.

Search thoroughly within the deepest corners of your being for your strongest, most protected beliefs….

If they support, enable and benefit you, keep them.

If they limit, constrict and disable you, allow positive alternatives to change and replace them.

Do so and heal.

Believe me…..?

Always remember……. that which you believe will be so.

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Peace be within you.