Have you ever considered the strange fact that these days we all easily agree that “God./ the Divine Presence/Spirit (whatever you choose Infinite Reality) is all there is….we’re quite happy to agree that “all is one” ultimately…..and yet we so often exclude ourself from that understanding!

How strange – especially given the fact that the inner awareness that allows us to know this is, by the very fact that ‘all is God’, also God!

And the brain we use to function through – in order to understand this inner awareness – is, by the very fact that ‘all is God”, also God!

And the feelings we use to express that inner awareness are, by that self-same fact that ‘all is God’, also an expression of God.

And the body we use to express those feelings which carry the brain that carries the inner awareness, must – by the same principle – also be an aspect of God, too.

And the bugs that live on the body, that expresses those feelings, that carries the brain, that carries the Inner awareness……yep, you beat me there!

All is God.

All we have to do is remember that all is God – and then allow ourselves to move in flow with the Infinite.

This week, why not consciously try to do so for 30 minutes every day?

Give it a go – and see how, by the end of the week, even the most ordinary act suddenly seems extraordinary!!

The strangest fact is that you and I are part of the miracle which is God.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Blessings and hugs,