A deluge of replies to my last article was deeply appreciated – and a wonderful surprise! I have decided to share with everyone the TOP TEN lists I received, in no particular order, as I feel we can all learn so much from one another.

From Robbert, a beautiful Sculptor in Holland:

1 ) See
2 ) hear
3 ) feel
4 ( taste
5 ) smell
6 ) laugh
7 ) love
Open your HEART and look around – love the world, because in each human being…you meet yourself, it’s a Gift from the Great Creator. He asked everybody to open your heart – no more and then it will happen.

Lucy from Melbourne writes

the wonder of knowing when letting go is really letting go and l dont need to hang on to any expectations
wonder of faith, how it always overcomes any of my concerns
the wonder of receiving an unexpected hello or smile from a stranger
the wonder in witnessing another human being to be in a moment of happiness when they know that their god is a wonder and brings them such lovingness and security
the wonder of having been given another moment to be who l am here on earth
the wonder of the joy in saying thank you for all that is within my being and expressing my beingness
the wonder of spirit healing another being is amazing even for just a moment
the wonder of waking up to the realization of how it really is in any moment, be it my mood or anothers mood, action or reaction and how it can be changed to be a living wonder moment more often and for longer moments loving kinder happier compassionate forgiving unconditionaly giving human being to another human being living in wonder of who we really are and truly grateful from my heart for l am here to discover the wonder of living

From Ella, an awesome Yoga Teacher now living in the US.

One: Trees moving in the wind – As soon as I shift my focus to leaves, dancing and swaying in the wind, I receive an immediate sense of the very ‘aliveness’ of nature and the mystery of the world.

Two: Eye Contact – Looking into your eyes, something shines back at me. When I look with love in my heart, a meeting takes place that evokes wonder and joy.

Three: Clouds – Contemplating clouds creates in me a mood of spaciousness, expansiveness and freedom.

Four: Baby Laughter – Harmonious joy, unrestrained and pure. (It should be recorded and played to people in hospital.)

Five: Images of Crop Circles – Without needing an explanation, these wondrous patterns fill me with a sense of wonder, fascination, mystery and reverence.

Six: Music – At any moment, I can sing and dance, shifting my mood at will, soaring with Grace.

Seven: Lovemaking! Uniting consciously with my lover, an everyday act becomes a sacred ritual, symbolizing the dissolution of duality into the Oneness of the Universe.

From James from Sydney:

Here are seven wonders from my part of you:
– My truth is my purpose, and my purpose is my truth
– I am Divine by Design, and I witness the beauty of my truth as I play out my “piece of Heaven on Earth”
– I have a constant ability to a connection to “All that Is” that allows me to see through the clouds of human confusion
– Through this connection the Simplicity of Truth and Purpose allows my unknowingness to be okay
– I am free to “be as the birds of the air” with this gift of simplicity. I am free to be me, and do not need to internalise judgement that arises
– I have the ultimate Security – knowing I am part of timeless Oneness
– Through Gratitude of these wonderful gifts I witness the inner peace that I Am as I give myself away

Chris wrote….

my 7 wonders of the world are:

1. the wonder of the weather: where in one state there are massive storms and in another it is a beautiful day
2. the wonder of Our bodies: how they heal, and keep going no matter what you do
3. the wonder of electricity: how you turn on a switch and it is there
4. the wonder of many nations:
5. the wonder of nature
6. the wonder of art
7. the wonder of stories: as reading them we learn so much

From Ruth

1) Our very Being

2) All of our Senses

3) Our Planet, (The fact that it can sustain so many wonderful things we need to give more thanks!)

4) Adaptation. (The human body is a wonderful thing and even if we haven’t all of the senses it can usually compensate).

5) Imagination

6) Individuality /Self

7) The ability to Love, feel and share and be grateful that we can.

From Helga

1. Gratefulness and Love towards my mother for having given me life instead of aborting me as she was told I may not live and if I did would be a vegetable

2. Respect for the Gift of being consciously aware my existence is linked to the Divine

3. Gratitude for my experiences

4. The Knowing that these experiences tested and molded me

5. Strength from “trusting” in my Inner Knowing

6. Ability to Recognize the “good” within others

7. The Contentment and Peace of Mind when I “BELIEVE” in the Divine Light and Knowledge within me and that I am part of this energy which goes beyond my physical existence and the most deeply treasured wonder is to have the opportunity and ability to give this to those I meet.

From Helen

Free will
All forms of life on this planet
Solar System
New born child
Health- via the body’s ability heal itself
Tapping into your higher self
The law of attraction in every small service being returned without any conscious effort

From Trish……

1. I am especially blessed with having my older sister Violet, who has always looked after me since I was born and is my very good & special friend.

2. I am blessed with having my younger brother Bill who also looks out for me and is also my special best friend.

3. I am blessed with an appreciative husband.

4. I am blessed with having lovely people around me.

5. I am blessed with having my phone that I can talk to people and say hello.

6. I am blessed with having a car that keeps healthy.

7. I am blessed with having a healthy body and I enjoy yoga and books.

Vera wrote:

I am not listing them in number order because they are all of equal value to me they of the God energy expressing itself in everything:
The stars and planets in the night sky and the vastness of the universe
The beautiful landscapes on our earth such as, the grand canyon, carnarvan gorge, igwasu falls, the great barrier reef etc the
list is endless
The ability of man to rebuild and start again when everything in their world crumbles
The different forms of life on this the elephants, the tigers, the chipmunks and squirrels, the butterflies that transform completely from a caterpillar (ugly) to beautiful butterfly. and man Itself with its complexities
The perfect way we are created to interact with each other on this earth to ensure the survival of all forms of life and the cycle of life eg bacteria that feeds on dead flesh so that it dissolves and changes in the form of nutrients for our plant life eg
vegetables that the animal life feed on to keep them alive.
How non-judgemental our creator is and the natural laws of cause and effect that creation uses to teach us and maintain the world
Our creative ability that seems to come from nowhere and continues to grow and expand.

Inez roared home with:

There is no actual hierarchical order from 1-7.

1. Staring up into the cosmos on those black bush nights gazing into the trillions of stars, planets and galaxies is an undeniable wonder. It never ceases to take my breath away. Seeing those images come back from outer space of planet Earth suspended in that very same pitch black with its orbiting moon for night-light and its very own sun for day-light just adds to that wonder. To know that small blue planet is just teeming with millions of life forms and that all boundaries and borders between people and nations are meaningless in that vastness. To see images from the Hubble telescope of distant galaxies never fails to shocked me into a deep stillness and silence. Please check out your night sky tonight and check out the images coming from Hubble to be totally blown away by the sheer wonder of it all. Who needs television?

2. The wonder of watching the plants, grasses and trees drinking up the rain in a summer storm after days or weeks of searing heat. The wonder of raindrops hanging like twinkling gem stones from the branches and casting rainbows through my garden. The little birds splashing with delight in the steamy puddles and the cacophony of frogs celebrating well into the evening. A cool dip in the rainwater dam. Bloody wonderful.

3. Any baby creature thing that still has the god -light shining out of its eyes from just arriving here on planet Earth is a wonder of wonders!

4. The wonder of going to bed at night with food in the belly, a roof over my head and love in the heart. The wonder of arising to a fresh day with the no mistakes in it and a smile in the heart.

5. Human creative talents such as music, art, song, writing, building, designing, medicine, science & dance and all the very other human qualities that come with the gift of just being our own unique and wonderful self.

6. Nature’s billions of wonders from every view you could ever imagine or take in from rocks, to oceans, to plains, to rivers, to mountains, to deserts, to colours, to sounds, to tastes, to textures, to fragrances, to flowers, to fruit, to creatures from dawn to dusk. The wind, sun, sand and water on bare skin. The wonder of sensing of the life force from within and without and the realisation that we are that nature. To understand deeply that we are not separate from it, never were and never will be.

7. To feel the compassion and love exchanged between my multi-dimensional family and me. Meeting someone for the first time and knowing that they are no stranger. To witness and experience the beauty that unfolds daily even in the most challenging of circumstances. Spontaneous moments when two hearts touch each other and all boundaries dissolves and there is no ‘other’. The wonder of the mystery of actually being here at all and not having to understand why?

Thanks to everyone else who also wrote to me – I deeply appreciated your efforts!

I send you all boundless love!

Could all those mentioned above please advise me of their snail mail addresses and I shall send you all a package of my CD’s as a thank-you. You all win!

Blessings to everyone,


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