A few weeks ago I shared with you my Prayer of Gratitude – and many of you wrote to tell me how powerful you felt it was as a technique for embracing one’s own inner greatness and authenticity.

Using that prayer regularly will greatly increase its power – and its positive effect upon our individual way of living. Do it everyday for just 6 weeks and see the amazing and wonderful difference it makes to your attitude, your behaviour and the kind of energy you access to help you effortlessly flow through the day.

The Prayer of Gratitude is for you.

I have discovered another powerful technique which I have shared with groups of people across the world for over ten years now……it’s results are radical and remarkable and can greatly help our loved ones to embrace their own innate greatness and health.

This process takes just 3 minutes a day – and is for our family and friends.

It’s based on two simple truths:
– we are all linked together
– we all seek our own greater good, health, peace, love and enrichment.

Of course, many people don’t know how to access their own greater good and health and wholeness – even ‘though, deep down inside, they want to.

People who are hurting feel they have to make others hurt, too.

People who are sick often feel victims of systems outside their control.

And people who feel worthless often feel powerless to change their situation.

Yet we can help all of them. And do so free of any harm or negative impact.

We simply envision them for three minutes every morning feeling good about themselves, feeling happy, feeling self-confident, feeling healthy, embracing a strong sense of self-worth, tranquility, courage and strength.

Nothing about us: everything positive about them!

By such envisioning, because we are connected, we use the immense power of the subconscious to nudge them toward their own innate greatness.

Day after day. Week after week. For just 3 minutes every morning.

Simple, loving, envisioned nudging.

Try it on someone you’d like to help……

Here’s what one guest at Heartland recently wrote to me……“My friend and I decided to do your   technique very late one evening. One of the people I sought to reconnect with was my sister whom I hadn’t been in   contact with for nearly 12 years due to a huge family rift.

Early the next day I received a phone call. To My shock and surprise it was my sister, I was really shocked – I   almost wasn’t able to talk – it had only been 6 hours earlier that I had been thinking of her!

Just being in contact and starting to heal the family separations has been both a humbling and moving experience.

I have since used this process to heal difficulties with people I work with and other friends and family…I am truly amazed at how in deep contemplation and thought you can bridge the great divide in relationships”.

Why nor try it for family or friends you wish to help?

Let me know how dramatically it works!

More in a fortnight,

Love and Blessings,


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