Life is a mystery of boundless light far beyond our ability to comprehend or discern.

We must accept it, with faith, just as we are.

And to do so we must accept it from our human perspective, from the perspective of inter-relational consciousness which is the bedrock of our being.

In other words, our existence is a web of relationships – to aspects of ourselves, to others, to things, to places, to events, to ideas, to possibilities and to opportunities.

All of these relationships are given meaning according to the value of gratitude with which we imbue them.

Give a place, an idea or a person a high degree of gratitude and we keep it richly in our hearts and as part of the web of our lives – give it no gratitude and we ignore, reject or disown it.

It is through prayer that we affirm and deepen our gratitude….and hence embrace more fully and celebrate the endless abundance which flows to us.

Such prayers are never childish pleadings to the likes of an old man with a long stick waiting to beat us up at death – but rather the mature expression of deep appreciation to the Unknowingness of the Universe for our very existence and all of its opportunities.

This week I’d like to share with you my own Prayer of Gratitude; and invite you to modify it for your own daily use…..

(let me know how it changes you!).

Dear God, Great Spirit
I give grateful thanks for Life itself!
I give thanks for Existence with consciousness & awareness
I give thanks for the Love and Compassion of your Heart as my Heart
I give thanks for the care and sensitivity of your Hands as my Hands
I give thanks for the discernment and clarity of your Mind as my Mind
I give thanks for the strength and courage of your Will as my Will
I give thanks for the presence and peace of your Spirit as my Soul
I give thanks for my daily bread; and for my every breath
I give thanks for my family, my friends and all who share this living life-orb
I give thanks for every spiritual Master, Teacher, Guide and Seeker
I give thanks for every opportunity, every challenge and every abundance
I give thanks for the Oneness now and in the unfolding endless future.
I give thanks,
I give thanks,
I give thanks, Amen.

More in a fortnight,

Love and Blessings,


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