A spiritual organisation recently sent out an email stating “….on Sunday, October 24th we will celebrate the First Global Oneness Day. Although United Nations did not yet confirm this declaration, we want to start to Celebrate! We know that around the world there are 50,000+ people that want to join us…they have already signed our petition! We won’t stop there!….We are still adding names with a goal of 100,000 signatures!……

Goals? The United Nations? A petition?

I wrote to the organisation bemoaning what seems to me to be uncontrollable ego.

Surely, this is treating the natural state of Spirit (One-ness) as if it were an administrative army of people demanding their rights!

What nonsense!

One-ness is our Essence – we don’t need a bunch of politicians to authorise or approve it!

Their email then went on….”For this first Global Oneness Day, let us all do a little good for someone else…Bring a plate to someone living alone……pay the coffee for the person following you at your local cafe, keep the door open for a young mother struggling with her stroller, smile to a perfect stranger, compliment a colleague……the list could be very long….. Just a little gesture could make a huge difference!

Is this for real?

There’s now an OFFICIAL DAY when we can be KIND to one another?!

The Mind boggles with where the ego takes people!

When did Kindness go out of fashion?

What’s wrong with ordinary, everyday Kindness?

What’s wrong with ordinary people treating other ordinary people with ordinary everyday kindness, respect and courtesy?

What’s the difficulty with just allowing the Spirit Within to flow effortlessly, easily through our lives, allowing affection and harmony to wash through and between us all?

It’s surely Time for us to get real and to put our raging egos aside.

It’s surely Time to open doors for one another ordinarily.

It’s surely Time to smile at one another naturally.

It’s surely Time to compliment and support one another regularly – after all, we’re all brothers and sisters!!

It’s surely Time to become so ordinary that it’s no longer so extra-ordinary if we pay for someone’s coffee!

It’s Time to recognise the Divine Presence in our Everyday Real Ordinariness – and to live it!

I send you boundless love!

Blessings to your family and friends,


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