The One-Ness

Last article, I shared with you the realization that each and every one of us is both divine and mortal, spiritual and physical, angelic and animal.
This is the dichotomy, the paradox of life for us hu-mans, God-Men.
Spirituality helps us to link these two vastly different fields of “being-ness” via that sense of ‘One-ness’ which all the Masters, ancient and modern, have spoken about.
But what exactly is that ‘One-ness’……..and how can we access it?

Many great religious leaders say we’ll only access it at death, that it’s beyond our earthly understanding.
Some suggest it is only accessed through personal annihilation.
Others suggest we must undertake rigorous discipline across many lifetimes.

I would suggest it is a great deal easier and simpler.
You see, the Divine Presence has no desire to hide from us: It wants to be found!
It seeks to be both found and expressed by each of us in our everyday lives – that’s why we have these everyday lives! So where do we find it?
The secret is in the sentence above…….. It seeks to be found and expressed by each of us……..
What do you and I express? Our feelings!
What is closer to us than our very breath? Our feelings!
What hurts immeasurably more than hurting our bodies or losing our possessions? Having our deepest feelings hurt! Our feelings are our individual expression of the Divine!

It is in the wholeness (the Holiness) of our feelings that we express the Divine! It is in the partial expression of those feelings (let’s call them our emotions!) that we express our lower condition. (Most of us express a scale of emotions that range from quite positive to very negative!)

Boundless Love is the feeling that expresses the Divine. Self-centred love – like – get on with – put up with – dislike – hate – are the emotions that express the unconscious aspect of man.
Boundless Compassion is the feeling that expresses the Divine.
Sympathy – concern – selfishness – disregard – disdain – rejection – are the emotions that express the unaware aspect of man. Boundless Peace and Stillness is the feeling that expresses the Divine.
Noise – intolerance – haste – stress – anger – violence – are the emotions that express the unawakened aspect of man.

One-Ness is that extraordinary, indefinable feeling we experience when we go within and embrace the wholeness we find therein.
And it’s called One-Ness because:
My deepest expression of Love is also your deepest expression of Love.
My deepest expression of Compassion is also your deepest expression of Compassion. My deepest expression of Peace is the same as your deepest expression of Peace.

Like an ocean, we are all ONE at our deepest level although we seem to be individual waves at the surface level.
Ultimately, we are only ONE.

To access our One-Ness we must give up all our self-focused emotions…….when we do so then One-Ness arises naturally from deep within us – and we merge effortlessly with real lovingness……. we tumble gloriously into our Godliness!
We consciously become as One with All That Is!

Is it really that easy? Yes!
Is it really possible to do it in this lifetime? Yes!
Can anyone do it, regardless of age, gender or study? Yes!

The wholeness of our feelings is, for us as humans, the wholeness of the Divine which we seek and can each ourselves feel!
This week, consciously express those feelings which are your Higher Self…….and watch the Infinite flowing out of you, as you!

Blessings and hugs,


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