The New Year

Dear Friends,

As 2010 gently moves into history we are each offered further opportunities to express the Divine as we find it within us.

Many of us embraced our Light in wondrous ways during the last twelve months; and have thus enjoyed enormously fulfilling personal lives.

Many of us became much more aware that there was much more to us; and thus held aloft the rich promise of better times and greater spiritual abundance in the future.

All of us during the year have almost surely been challenged – both by the allure of society’s illusions and by our own limited faith in our beliefs. Probably all of us – at some time – have faltered and slipped from the Path, at least for a while.

Thankfully, we remember that for every two steps we take forward we always take one step back in order to ground our new understandings within the three-dimensional physical and societal framework of our lives.

Each of us can greatly benefit by establishing a blueprint to use as we move into deeper connection with our Divinity; and there is no time quite as good as the coming of a seemingly New Year for developing such a blueprint.

I encourage you to formulate your own Blueprint.

It can be as simple – or as detailed – as you need.

To help you by offering an example, let me share with you my own…..

1. To see everyone and everything as the Divine

2. To treat everyone and everything with respect

3. To ‘own’ nothing and to be trustee for everything

4. To accept what has happened with equanimity; and what is happening with grace

5. To strive to more fully become that which I already AM

6. To speak only positive, uplifting, healing words

7. To stay awake (and thus break personal addictions)

8. To act consciously and co-operatively from Love

9. To always recognise the new in every moment, thought, act and opportunity

10. To be continually grateful and graceful

What is your blueprint for 2011?

How resolute are you about following it?

A building is only as stable as its blueprint; and only as reliable as its builder.

Blessings to each of you as you build upon 2010 and create for yourself a fulfilling 2011



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