Last article I wrote that God is our heart, God is our breath and God is every living cell of every living life-form.

I showed (I hope!) how science and religion are both “on the same page” although both parties use different words and concepts to express Existence.

Science utilises mechanical and quantum constructs, religion utilises more humanistic and heart-based constructs – but both express the same outcome.

This week let’s understand ourselves a little further……let’s explore our Mind and our Soul…..

Not only does Life constantly turn inward toward Oneness even as it moves outward toward new forms and creations, but it does so with decreasing   reliance on purely tangible structures…..

Particles evolved into atoms which evolved into molecules which evolved into cells which evolved into basic forms of life…..

Yet, thus far, they remained primarily within physical parameters.

Flies flew.

Slugs slithered along.

Plankton swam.

Plants pollinated.

Bushes bloomed.

Trees towered.

Mushrooms multiplied.

Then these living cells evolved into higher forms of life – and whilst they were still physical these higher living cells also developed mentally……

Monkeys think.

Elephants think.

Dogs and cats think.

Birds think.

You and I think.

And all that thinking brings about higher forms of physical existence……

Mental development is obviously real but its reality is totally different to the physical.

You can have a thought but can’t hold it.

You can retain an idea without ever seeing it.

You can remember a concept free of any physical dimensions.

You can share a thought with one or a thousand people without ever giving any physical thing away……

Higher living cells also developed feelings……. These were even less physical than thoughts although they still relied on some degree of thought for expression.

Sadness can make you cry.

Anger can make you violent.

Happiness can make you smile.

Fear can make you retreat.

Shame can make you close down.

Joy can make you expansive.

Kindness can make reach out.

Love can make you embrace.

And no matter how much thoughts and feelings develop within these communities of living cells (which we call ‘people’) they always function in ways that draw the Divine within them to both continue to expand outwardly and at the same time embrace Itself inwardly.

Isn’t that awesome??!!

In humans, we see this development at its finest.

Actions attain compassionate expression unknown within other life-forms..

Thoughts attain spiritual and philosophical ideals, impossible for lesser life forms.

Feelings attain subtle expression in ways quite impossible otherwise.

In humans we see the flowering of Soul.

Soul exists within everything; for Soul is purely the totality of Divine expression.

But in humans, awareness allows us to partake as contributing audience in the wonder of Life.

We feel the pull of Pure Love.

We sense the right path to take in any situation.

We experience a knowing that extends from beauty to compassion, from kindness to inner truth…..

With Soul, our physical is simply the vessel for its carriage……we come full circle from the unknown and unrecognised to the known and recognised.

We have no need for further expression…..the Divine simply dances unashamedly within us, as us………

Let me repeat that…. the Divine dances within us, AS us………

(If that doesn’t shake your collywobbles nothing ever will!!)

The Divine

–         begins as One,
–         expands into many,
–         forms physical structure without loss of Its integrity,
–         expands that physical structure into ever-more complex physical experiences,
–         expands those experiences into non physical states of thought and emotions
–         and then completes Its journey with the richest of feelings formed through awareness by Its many parts of their reality as One.

The Circle is unbroken.

The Dance is fulfilled.

For each of us – each a cell in the body of God – a new day arises and we live anew and enriched…….

How awesome is that?!?!?!

Please in-joy this coming week!!!

Need help?

Please remember I am always here for you.

Be well, be safe – be happy!


Peace be within you!

Blessings and Namaste!