Understanding #5- There is only Light

There is only Light

In our darkest moments we can find life-giving nourishment by remembering this.

There is only Light: God, life, love, now.

Although we may seem to be plagued with problems, hardships, setbacks, trials and handicaps we can access immediate relief by remembering that only God, life, love – Light – truly exists in the here and now.

This is not some sort of space-age fictional spaceship in which we can hide when the going gets tough.

It’s reality: there is only God, life, love – Light – now.

We may not be able to see the way out, the answer, the end of our situation – but at least we can see that we are safe.

Every human being – each divine expression of some aspect of the Godhead – is always safe, whether we know it or not.

You and I intrinsically know this to be true.

We know we are not some random or mistaken coupling of molecules whizzing around some forlorn and unintelligent mistake of a universe.

We know we are intelligent expressions of the One Love, learning to express our true wholeness.

We also know we are not truly what we often perceive ourselves to be – dysfunctional humanoids on a path of ultimate destruction.

We know we are perfect expressions of the One Light, learning to expand, grow, shine and express our beauty.

We know we are neither our mistakes, lacks, errors of judgement or ignorance.

We know these are just momentary perceptions as we boundlessly grow into the co-creative richness of the One Life.

Nor are we our fears, greed, anger and poor behaviours.

We know this because we know we are pure expressions of the One God and thus such mannerisms simply express clumsiness as we breathe life into our unfolding state of endless peace and joy.

There is only Light, indeed only One Light.

And when we use that light to see ourselves then we truly ‘see the light’ and see the truth that everything happens safely.

Try this exercise for the week: live as if you were God trying out a new body – yours.

Think, act, ponder, stay consciously aware……. as if you were the ultimate One, Existence Itself.

Do it for just seven days and empower yourself with fresh perspectives and wisdom.

Love and blessings.