Understanding #4- There is only Now

There is only Now.

Yesterday can only be experienced now.

Tomorrow can only be anticipated now.

Only now exists.

Only now offers the opportunity for memory, vision and expression.

Only now offers access to consciousness, God, love and life.

We are truly ‘now here’ – or ‘nowhere’ : experience exists only in the space made form by now and here.

We may undertake a task a hundred times – yet each time we undertake the task it is always and in every way new.

We may walk a path a thousand times – yet each time we walk that path it is new – the air that brushes against our cheek, the grass beneath our feet and the view from our eyes.

It is always and in every way new.

We may waken to a loved one ten thousand mornings – yet each time we greet our loved one they are always and in every way new.

We may experience daylight thirty thousand times in our life – yet each time we awaken to the dawn it is always and in every way new.

When we accept the freshness of this moment, we permit ourselves the spontaneity of living.

This spontaneity encompasses choice, perception, inquiry, appreciation, atonement, compassion, respect, affection, joy, delight, challenge, courage and co-operation.

We become creators of change rather than victims of it.

We become Lords of the Dance, rather than sufferers of other people’s dysfunctional dance steps.

Try this exercise for the next week:

Live as if everything you see, hear, feel and experience is new and wonderful.

Do it for just seven days and find gratitude and aliveness in everything you do.

Love and blessings.