Understanding #3- There is only Life.

There is only life.

Before life there was life.

After life there is life.

After life after life there is life.

Nowhere is there not life.

No space exists which is not, itself, life.

Planets live.

Stones live.

Plants live.

Animals live.

You and I live.

All is movement.

All is change.

Every minute, every action, everything, everywhere.

It is that very movement, that change, arising out of divine creative intent, which is life.

We may live inappropriately, dysfunctionally and delusionally – yet still nothing can remove life from that which is.

There is only God as source.

There is only Love as intent.

There is only Life as its form.

Life never dies.

Try this exercise for the next week: live as if you’ll never die, as if you absolutely, positively simply couldn’t die.

Do it for just seven days and empower your life.

Love and blessings.