Understanding #2- There is only Love.

There is only love

We might well call real existence by the name love.

It is love in its fullest meaning which gives form to intent.

Love forms all into life.

Love is then the only true expression of that life so formed.

Love is not a changeable, usable energy that can be manipulated for any reason of any kind.

It is, rather, love that uses its creations for its own perfect unfolding and expression.

At our very core pulsates this universal energy called ‘love’.

We find it when we disown ourselves: love and ownership are like day and night, fullness and emptiness, two ships that pass in the night, one real, the other a phantom.

We access it when we remove the illusions of separation between us and everything and everyone else: love knows no boundaries for none exist in reality, in God.

We feel it when we no longer need to own it for our own use -but instead deeply wish to surrender to it for everyone’s use.

In surrendering we become it.

In surrendering, the Lover becomes the loving.

Life flows.

God flows.

Love is.

Try this exercise for the next week: consciously stop working at “loving” and instead simply be the flow that desires to merge all differences in the stream of love-filled life.

Do it and change your life.

Love and blessings.

Hugs and love to each of you,