The InnerStanding #9

Dear friends,

Grateful thanks to everyone who wrote to me “welcoming me back!” – your support of my Work is deeply appreciated. I must admit that sometimes I have felt quite alone in my beliefs.

Following is the Mordechai answer I received to the question I asked (January 1991) regarding World Peace. I trust it helps you. 

Blessings to everyone in our beloved, peace-enhancing community of the Heart!



The InnerStanding #9


Peace is more than possible on your planet – it is within your grasp!

It lies in waiting, just a stone’s throw from your everyday existence.

Peace reigns the moment Death is put to rest.

This is God’s Truth.

For Death is but illusion: believing it does make fear grow.

And anger, dis-satisfaction, intolerance, hate, divisiveness and greed grow too.

For, in giving Death its substance you restrict Life to the pause between your ebb and flow…. and spurn the truth of Life Itself.

You see Death as an end; and grasp for what you can, before its Call…..

Yet, Death is never end.

For Life is real……and what could end God-given Life?

It is a part of God Itself – apart whilst you search for the Light – and part of All when All is One.

Life has no start or finish point: Life simply IS.


See how your physical does not end but simply takes another form.

There is no deathly end at all for anything – just constant transformation from one experiential form into another.

When Man understands this, what purpose then to main and kill and desecrate?

It’s all to no avail.

For Man lives on until his lessons have been learnt and he has lost illusions…..found the Light and joined with God in consciousness, once more.

Thus, Peace will reign the moment Death is put to rest.

This moment marks the end of all illusions.

No more self-hate, self-pride, self-gain.

Man comes to God and Oneness with the All.

And All rejoice.

Heaven is Earth.

The Light shines bright once more…..

Peace be within you.


This is the ninth message I received.

Its central message struck me with much force – we only perceive ourselves as individuals (bodies and souls) until we embrace truth and recognise ourselves as simply part of the Whole, the One, the Essence.

Until we do so we roam through existence, moving from space to space, forever experiencing more of our True Nature until it overwhelms us….and we wake up!

Death is just the movement from space to space.

Consciousness is the ground that supports our movement.

And our individualness is just the limited understanding that gives some sense of meaning, albeit ultimately illusory, to existence.

From that understanding, I cam to see everything as simply continuous exercises encouraging us to ‘wake up”.

Suddenly, I saw that everything, even the children’s pop group, the Wiggles, offers us understanding. They share a deeply spiritual reminder every time they ask their rather young audience to shout out “Wake up, Geoff!”.

It’s surely time for us ALL, young and old alike, to wake up, too!

Blessings and Hugs,



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