The InnerStanding #8

Dear friends,
Apologies for my five-week absence – I have been extra busy and have had no time to write until today!
Following is the Mordechai answer I received to the question I asked (January 1991) regarding the “western” concept of “Original Sin”. I trust it enlightens you.
Blessings to everyone who shares with me through our beloved community of the Heart!

The InnerStanding #8


Such questions have little purpose whilst you perceive not the illusions of your life cycles.

Original sin – all sin – is but separation from God; and the fear that arises therein.

For who would not fear separation from All That Is?

Yet, Man did thus – both on your planet and across the Universe – that God might more fully experience Itself.

For there is no experience without separation.

No night without day; no dark without light; no sound without silence; no time.

No God-experience without God-less experience.

And thus was separation.

It came from God Itself.

And in that separated universe Man made himself his own reality that he might live outside the love of God.

And it was made by separated Mind…….and it is called Illusion.

It is the difference between heaven and hell.

No generosity without greed.

No peace without anger.

No wealth without hunger.

No love without hate.

No power without fear.

No right without wrong.

No joy without pain.

No harmony without anguish.

No honesty without deceit.

No truth without knowing.

No gentleness without violence.

No passion without lust.

No knowledge without illusion.

And as it grew, God partly stepped aside from Man – and fear turned into hate and hunger, greed and lust, impatience and intolerance, ignorance and insanity.

And thus your world – all worlds – were formed in Man’s warped image of a God apart and feared.

There is no sin.

Just more – or less.

There never has been sin.

Just lack and illusions.

Heaven and hell are joined!

And now you need but cast aside illusions to stand tall in your Godliness again – at one with the omniscient Force of Love!

Thus never more know separation from the Light.

Peace be within you.

This is the eighth message I received (early 1991).

Like many of you I was, at first, troubled and confused by it: it seemed to be nonsense.

Yet, as I looked deeper into it, I came to realize that it was telling me that there is no separation from the Divine except our illusory (or seeming) sense of separation which is itself an act of God.

This became extraordinarily fulfilling  and freeing – the idea that, even in my ignorance and unawareness – my fears and often-times utter loneliness – I was one with the Divine, whether I recognized or knew it and lived it…..or not.

Suddenly, I saw my seeming failures, worthlessness and insecurities as tools to enable me to consciously realize my True Being.

For a perfected saint to be a perfected saint is a cinch: for you and I to rise above our sometimes pettiness it takes the effort of conscious awareness!

For Love to love is easier than falling off a log: for you and I to love boundlessly it takes the effort of conscious understanding!

God’s “stepping aside” allows us to find our innate Truth…..consciously! And yet, that “stepping aside” is never separation. Like a parent allowing its child to find its own feet, we are being allowed to find our own extraordinary Being. The parent never disowns the child.

The Unreal is simply the tool to help us find for ourselves the Real.

How good is that?!?!

Blessings and Hugs,



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