The InnerStanding #7

My dear friends,
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The InnerStanding #7

An answer to the question: WHICH RELIGION, IF ANY. IS THE TRUE PATH?


All paths lead to God!

Thus, all paths are lit with the Truth of Love.

It is, in the establishment of religions, that Man departs from Truth – for Man establishes his faiths from his own perspectives on your planet.

What is owned by Man is illusion – and not of God.

It requires simply that Man sets aside his illusions and clears the path of obstacles to God.

These obstacles are judgement, greed, hate, anger, dishonesty, distrust, intolerance, impatience, faithlessness and a closed, illusory mind.

When these are set aside, God comes to Man ….. and shares a union of joy and love abundant!

Man cannot come to God: it is illusion.

God comes to Man – when Man makes welcome God.

Thus, the True Path resides in every faith, the same as in each mortal being.

And, as with mortal Man, it needs but removal of the veil of human ego, encrusted with the detritus of human thought, to show the face of God!

See into every faith – and there you’ll find the Light of God shines dimly.

Take out Man’s tarnished ego and see the Light blaze up!

Man’s tainted shadow only is removed.

It is this Light you seek.

Peace be within you.


This is the seventh message I received (early 1991).

I am still amazed (but I know I shouldn’t be!) how the energy I call Mordechai continues to constantly reverberate through me; and to inform my beliefs with consistency and, I believe, the highest integrity.

In many ways, as the years have passed, we have become One.


This message reminds us that there is a golden thread of Truth running through all religions.

I believe this thread leads us to the end of religion altogether ….. and its gentle replacement with authentic Personal Spirituality – shared lovingly through empathy, co-operation and common themes – as the Awakened Heart of Humanity moves forward…..

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” is almost certainly a poignant oracle of the Times to come!

Blessings and Hugs,




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