The InnerStanding #6

This message was received in January 1991 in answer to my question at a time when I was particularly unwell. I was still adjusting to accepting direct spiritual transcriptions and whilst I felt fine about “allowing” them (in fact, I was starting to feel pleasantly eager about allowing the messages to flow through myself) I remember feeling a little annoyed initially by the answer; and I certainly rejected it in the beginning.

In time I came to see its relevance and live its truths – and I trust they help you, too.



The InnerStanding #6


You do not get sick. It is your temporary body which knows this thing called ‘sickness’ – and it knows it because you welcome such state of ‘sickness’ with your open arms!

Yet, you are not your body; nor is your body itself alone and individual.

Each physical form on the earth is composed of many other physical forms – hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, spleens, eyes, ears, mouths, etc….

Each of these more specialized physical forms, each component of your body, is composed of many other even more specialized physical forms – cells, amoeba….which are themselves composed of many other even further specialized forms.

And everything lives and replicates and dies within your form whilst you live on….galaxies within galaxies, so small a hundred would fit upon your fingertip!

It is their connectedness which gives you form.

It is their death and resurrection which assures you of your own reincarnation.

For as you are the Universe to your body, so you are but a minute cell in the Universe of Light!

And do you not suffer the pain and anguish of supposed separation from this universal Light?

Why should each livingness within your Self be otherwise?

As above, so below.

As without, so within.

Thus you know ‘sickness’ – your body deems itself the universe!

Be on your guard……it is your role to take it from illusion into truth. Yet, oftentimes you ego will succumb unto the blandishments of body-life.

Then connectedness is gone.

The body deems itself your god; yet finds that of itself it is alone.

Then, knowing nothing else, it lives in fear and self-destructs.

It turns upon itself, for in its grief it feels the pain of separation from The IS  (‘though short it be; and short-lived is its reign).

This be the state of being-not- at-ease you call your ‘sickness’.

I bring you joy – all life is One and always is connected: take back your nature and connections!

Attune your Self, in all your parts, unto the greater Whole….then sickness and your sense of  separation is no more!

You live once more abundantly with joy and love, a part of all there IS – indivisible, individual and interdependent!

Peace be within you!




This seems so self-evident that I shall leave it with you, without further comment.




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