The InnerStanding #5

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The InnerStanding #5


To ‘fall in love’ is to sense God’s kingdom…..

It is a joyous step on the road to enlightenment – it is to touch connectedness!

It is to be aware – in one brief, fleeting experience – of the inter-connected harmony which is all encompassing Life and God.

Do you not feel something ‘special’  when you fall in love?

It is God-in-you expressing the Light of the world for one brief, blissful moment!

Would you not fall in love every moment of every day to savor such bliss? Why think so little of yourselves that you hold back from giving of yourselves to everything and everyone you meet?

For giving is receiving – and thus you understand that to ‘fall in love’ is to give of yourself, of your lovingness, of your Godliness.

What is there to lose when Life and Love and God are all encompassing and infinite? You cheat yourselves! You give a little, hoping to grasp hold of something in return that you can keep – can love be caught? No…..only given.

And thus you ‘fall in love’ for but a moment before illusion grasps with greedy hands – the magic moment disappears – and you are once again divided and alone….

And when did you last fall in love? Was it with person, place or thing? And did it last? Or did you sacrifice your joy for practicality and other limiting illusions?

Take heart! For all the world is waiting to receive your God-sent love!

And in the moment of your giving – without question, without pause – will you receive love in abundance!

Live loving and you ‘fall in love’ each moment and forever…..and live in blissful union with God and All That Is!

Peace be within you!



In this, the fifth message I transcribed we are encouraged to give of ourselves fully to everything and everyone we meet.

This requires immense reservoirs of gratitude.

It also requires immense faith that we will always be safe (which, of course, we are in a spiritual dimension – the secret being to live from a spiritual – rather than material – dimension!).

When we achieve this, Love is the act of God-being-us-and-us-being-God….in-action.

We become One and in such a state we can only come from Love for Love is all there is in the Real world.

It may seem hard – to many, impossible – but, in truth, it’s just a fresh perspective away!

And remember….when we change, the world changes!

Peace, harmony and co-operation between all peoples can be just around the corner.

When all is said and done, it’s up to US.



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