The InnerStanding #4

Love your planet!

For too long have you loved it not at all. And even those aware of you have only loved its special places, those closest to your feelings.

You must love it all!

For it is part of you as you are part of it; and in your lack of loving it is disrespect for God and All you are.

You disrespect yourselves: you defecate upon your hearth and home.

For Earth is given to you – its sights to see, perfumes to smell, its flowers to bring you joy, its seasons to bring you delight, its constant motion to bring you experiences.

Understand, dear earthlings, your planet is not a stepping-stone to other earthly colonies: there’s nowhere else to go.

For creation is perfect and each and every life-form has its place and purpose: and yours is where you be.

There are no ‘standby planets’, living life-orbs, waiting for your human touch……forgive my inner smile.

This world is yours; and how you treat it mirrors how you treat yourselves – and how you care and nurture it reflects your love.

For would you defecate upon a loved one?

Would you willingly stand by and let your heart-felt lover sink into a cesspool of depravity and waste that you had caused?

Would you distort your loved one’s features: disfigure beauty, destroy harmony, rape and pillage without thought – and do it in the name of love?

Not one of you would do such things without it were an insane act.

And thus it is with Earth.

God gave this place to you – its gentle streams, its oceans wide, its starry skies, its warming sun, its mountains, valleys, trees and birds and plants and beasts and nourishment from water, air and soil.

You cannot save it for you do not have the power to end its life.

The scars you make will heal – God does not suffer losses.

Yet, you must quickly learn to save yourselves!

And thus you must learn love and self-respect.

Come quickly to the Light – cast illusions to the wind – and recognize the Godliness that lives within your soul.

Give up your greed and hate and avarice; lay down intolerance and ignorance.

Take up the Light and live in harmony and peace and love.

Then love your planet, like yourselves, and glory in its restitution to its glorious purpose – heaven where now is hell.

And marvel at its beauty once again!

Peace be within you!




In this, the fourth message I ever transcribed we are reminded that there is no difference between the Earth and our selves.

Disrespect one and we disrespect the other.

Love one and we love the other.

The question, of course, is do we intrinsically disrespect or deeply love……?

The rest is obvious.

No more need be said.





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