The InnerStanding #3

My dear friends,

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Let me share with you one reply received to last week’s article (from Jane)….

“I did really enjoy your message this week. While reflecting on my own perceptions, your comment about “what new perception can you open yourself to” is so very inspiring for me. It is a beautiful reminder to keep my perception open as it is limitless. I am made aware of how cloudy my glasses have become and that they need gentle cleaning every day. I think the above question would be a good one to ask myself every morning when I get up – I would very much like to feel and experience the results in my life.”

Thanks Jane!


The InnerStanding #3

(An answer to my own question: ‘why are we so self-destructive’?)

I understand your pain and answer you thus: you think you are worthless, without value and without merit.

How wrong you are!

You believe in yourself – and in that belief you believe in nothing.

Recognising your own nothingness, you perceive yourself in the fullness of your own negativity and find no cause for self-respect.

Often, you seek the company of others – but only to confirm the self-worthlessness of the Earth-plane on which you live.

You choose the company of other sightless beings so that you may live in a sightless world.

For he who seeks sighted people finds sighted people and lives in their world.

You have not chosen this latter path lately; yet all is never lost.

How easy it is to change your destructive nature and recognize in your being the awesomeness of reality itself!

Understand that in your many facets is the indelible imprint of God, the universal, creative Force.

And in that Godliness there can be no worthlessness.

Believing in yourself you believe in nothingness; believing in your Self – made of and by God – you believe in Godliness.

And in that belief you thrill to your existence and praise the unutterable wonder and beauty and joyousness and interconnectedness of your being.

Live not your life in a world of false perceptions – for such falsity is destructive in itself.

And live not in the void, wherein you recognize your own separation from God – for therein lies your false, yet honest, lack of self-respect.

And like will always draw its likeness to itself!

Thus, effect will follow cause and you will feel an emptiness within…..and suffer for your thoughts, without.

Live in the Light – throw off your false perceptions of your Self!

Throw off your vanity and independence – throw off your modesty – be immodest! Claim God as your own – indivisible, individual and interdependent!

A remark before I go: you cannot destroy your Self, hence self-destruction is a false belief entirely.

Your Self lives on in spirit and soul until you reach the Light.

What you “destroy” by lack of self-respect is the fulfillment of your opportunities on this plane at this time.

This personifies itself as lack of hope, lack of harmony, lack of contentment, lack of satisfaction and lack of joy.

And these are lack of Self-love, of God-love – for Love is everything!


Peace be within you!



In this, the third message I transcribed a message that was directed toward my own question.

However, I feel the answer is appropriate for many of us.

It says that when our belief is about our Self – and nothing more – it’s really about nothing.

Remarkably, it says that, deep within, we actually know it’s about nothing – which is why we behave the way we do.

For many of us, myself included, that has often meant going out of my way to “prove” my worth to myself and others.

Hence, the powerful rise of our egos!

Interesting for me is the statement “throw off your (vanity and) independence”…. A few words later we are given the alternative which isn’t ‘dependence’ but ‘interdependence’. In other words, when we recognize our interdependence we move in tune with the Divine.

As I have often said….”god does nothing for us; but everything with us”.

An exercise (if you have time or desire) for this week: list all the abundances and lovely things you can remember which have occurred in your life when you were “working with the Divine” rather than fighting its power over you…..





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