The InnerStanding #2

My dear friends,

Many thanks to all those who emailed me following the first message in this new series.
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The InnerStanding #2

(An answer to the question ‘why would anyone willingly reincarnate in a third world country rather than Australia or America?’)

Let me remind you of two important factors in this issue…

Firstly, the existing inhabitants of Australia and America are far from being baby machines – hence, the availability of reincarnation in these places is limited – as it is anywhere else in the world.

Only those souls with a need to reincarnate on such a materialistic plane therefore do so.

Others who have a need to reincarnate into a different kind of society, have to line up for the limited places there, too.

Understand there are many more souls wishing to reincarnate at this time than there are places for them on your planet.

Secondly, I smile kindly at your question, perceiving that you believe your place to be better than another.

Can this be so?

All are different.

All are experiences.

All offer lessons which must be learnt.

All are part of the joyous game of Life.

And life everywhere is joyous for those who seek and understand; and life, everywhere, is less than joyous for those who understand not and are trapped in their limited egos.

Have you never seen the joyous laughter of young children, playing in the Brahmaputra?

Have you never known the simple joys of love and warmth and sharing?

These things belong to all of you – throughout the world!

Seek and ye shall find!

Death may come from hunger in Bangladesh; and I understand your earthly fears of the pangs of death.

Yet do you imagine that death through hunger is more painful than through the carcinogenic diseases which you inflict upon yourselves?

Be at peace – there is no death!

Only life – abundant life!

And souls, throughout the world, share in its richness and grow toward the light.

Peace be within you!


In this, the second message I transcribed, a correction is gently given to a commonly held perception that one country might be better than another. Certainly in Australia, I have often referred to us as the ‘lucky country’. I am sure it is so for people in many countries.

We tend to see our own country as the best. Don’t you?

The same gentle correction is given in relation to commonly-held beliefs regarding poverty and death – we are reminded that in the west we simply inflict death-through-disease rather than death-through-starvation upon ourselves.

Both lead to the same inevitable and often painful end.

And yet we are immediately assured that this inevitable end is not death, in fact there is no death at all, only abundant life.

Which is why we return again and again…..

Once more we are reminded that our living can be joyous if we understand its meaning; and less than joyous if we remain stuck in our egos.

To understand life’s meaning we need to be open to new perceptions, new ways of relating to existence….what new perception can you open yourself to about life this week?

In what ways will you allow yourself see the world differently?





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