The InnerStanding #10 – THE ART OF LIVING

Dear Friends,

These are difficult times for many of us.
Government “mandates” inhibit our freedoms.
Society’s norms seem anything but normal.
Technology is on the brink of recreating a whole new world.
New jobs replace old careers.
New medical models usurp existing standards.
New financial systems are moving toward radically new monetary models.
New super-power alliances threaten national boundaries once again.
Even sexuality and morality splinters even further……
In such a confusing world it’s important for us to stay grounded and balanced.
Our body, mind and soul need to remain firmly cohesive and healthy.
Below is a spiritual message I first shared 35 years ago…’s just as valid today.
I hope it helps.
Always here to help you,
Many blessings,
Les Dyer – Heartland/Community of the Heart



Dare to be different!

Rise before dawn and be still as your part of your globe is once more bathed in sunlight.

Sing only happy songs, even when you’re sad….. and when you’re sad, feel the sadness.

Become a vegetarian – but do it only because you want to stop eating your friends!

Eat only when you are hungry: never because your clock says it is time.

Collect new friends, new memories, African violets and Venus flytraps: nurture them all.

Finish one painting a month – even if you “can’t” paint.

Write at least one poem a month – even if you “can’t” write.

Read at least one book a month – make it worthwhile.

Wear brightly coloured clothes and enjoy brightly coloured thoughts.

Refuse to beg forgiveness – ask, instead, for acceptance.

Love everybody: decline the opportunity to hate anyone.

Have a ball.

Enjoy life. Visit lots of people.

Invite them to visit you.

Talk to the trees and plants.

Tell them you love them.

Tell God, too.

Run barefoot through the fields, swim naked in the streams.

Sit behind the watery veil of waterfalls and let the world drift by.

Reject all demands to be “normal” – demand instead to be allowed to be “crazy” (but know that you truly are not).

If the neighbours, in-laws and politicians have gloomy forecasts, ignore them. Stay positive.

Talk to the murmuring river; and listen to what it tells you. Do it.

Don’t speak for a week, say nothing. Learn sign-language.

Go travelling – widen your horizons!

List all your fears in order of terror….and face the worst until it disappears.

Then start again until all your fears are gone.

List all the people you’ve discarded because of hurt, dislike, inertia or intolerance. Record them in order of importance.

Reach out to them once more, this time in love and peace.

Let be what will be.

Start a new hobby, undertake a new course.

Help others whenever you get the chance.

Learn to play the drums or the bagpipes.

Know when to make a lot of noise…..and when to be silent.

Study the Bible, the Qaran, The Bhagavad-Gita and all the holy books which you can find.

Believe none of them; and all of them.

Work at living rather than live at working.

Insist on being happy, without having to pay for it.

Reveal who you be unto yourself.

Live truthfully.

And above all else, give thanks to God each day for being able to do these things every day of your life.

Peace be within you.