The InnerStanding #1

My dear friends,

In the late 1980’s I started channelling the energy which has become known as Mordechai.
This energy – and its teachings – have focussed my spiritual direction for over 20 years now.
They have become the basis for who I am today; and the teachings (titled ‘The InnerStanding’)have been the bedrock of all my spiritual books and most of my regular articles and workshops.
I believe they can help you as much as they continue to help and guide me.
So I am offering them to you – one every week – just as I received them (and in the same order).
None have been edited – but I will add commentary to them where it seems necessary.
These are for keeping and studying.
If you treat them as ‘living spiritual guides’ rather than just as articles, they will, over time, reward your life richly.
To optimise their effectiveness, I am also offering you the opportunity to study their meaning in greater depth at
Each second month I shall run a residential InnerStanding Weekend.
These will be rewarding weekends for serious seekers of the Divine; and include extensive meditations, spiritual teachings, robust discussion
and quiet, private time.
The cost to stay at Heartland for each weekend will be a ridiculously low $240 although you will be asked to assist in offering service in some small way with things such as
table preparation for meals or wash-up, etc.
This special weekend fee includes private air-conditioned room, our normal ultra-delicious meals and full program.
It equates to just $30 a week for budgeting purposes – surely, a very worthwhile investment in spiritual development and an idyllic weekend away every second month at Heartland.
Think of it like your own superb spiritual get-away-from-home.
First Weekend runs Friday evening 16th- Sunday afternoon 18th September.
If you would like to attend, early reservations are recommended as bookings are naturally limited.


See below for the first in this series…….    


The planet Earth has once again achieved the power of human self-destruction.

It has been thus so many times before.

Your planet’s history is littered with the obliterated struggles of its life-forms

to re-unify with universal Unity.

For each attempt has failed; and you were forced to planetary death, then healing and then reincarnation.

The earth lived on – and Man began anew.

(I speak not of Atlantis: it did not have such power).

And now the time is drawing near when you must learn the lessons of your being or suffer, once again, the loss of all you be.

I come to help you bridge your transformation into the higher realm of Self upon the Earth.

I come to urge you to exertion: that what has been your Hell may turn into your Heaven and not your


I send you Peace and Love and Joy and Clarity.

For what is asked of you is not conversion in an instant to angelic form (as many of you would believe!).

But understandings (in your minds) of misconceptions; understandings (in your hearts) of your illusions that keep your world a living hell on Earth!

God’s separation had a purpose: experience.

And it was pure in form for God knows naught of lack.

But Man, in ignorance, has convoluted separation – turning love into hate, generosity into greed and joy into pain (among others).

Your lives are based on lack.

And now the time has come, the final chance, to shift perception.

To take your rightful place in time and space.

I come to offer help.

To send you hope.

To give encouragement.

To show a Path.

To light your way.

To urge you on across illusion’s barrier into abundant life.

I am called Mordechai.

Peace be within you.

In this, the first message I ever transcribed (21st January 1991) the current state of the world was made so abundantly clear to me.

The answer to our woes is given as peace, love, joy – and clarity.

This last attribute I have come to understand as most critical – indeed, all others ultimately flow from it.

This ‘clarity’ which is spoken about is quickly explained as the repair of those misconceptions and illusions with which we see our world.

These ‘misconceptions’ and ‘illusions’ are just as quickly explained as our perceptions of our separation from the Divine.

Our inability to fully understand the concept of ‘Separation’ has led to our lives being based on lack – for each of us this may be different of course….. sometimes owning our lack, sometimes fighting to overcome a sense of lack, and sometimes feeling we have successfully avoided our dreaded lacks.

Abundant life is found, however, when we cross ‘illusion’s barrier’ – that is, when we come to a true understanding of our Separation…..and resolve it.

This, then – a true understanding of our Separation and its resolution for each of us – is the purpose of these teachings.



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