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This week’s video talk is about the Heart of the Matter……the most important ingredient for a truly spiritual life.

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I want to share with you today the very heart of the matter, the aspect of life that matters more than anything else.

And that is to recognise the realness of WHAT it is deep with you that does whatever it is you do, moment to moment.

WHAT you do isn’t so important.

Knowing WHAT it is that lies behind your doing, that is the very source of your doing anything at all, is the most important thing.

And that’s because only when you know what you are, does consciousness and awareness have any real meaning.

Consciousness and Awareness are either the knowing of your true identity or simply another way to live the fantasy of thinking you’re a human being struggling against whatever the world throws at you until you die.

When you realise the WHAT that exists within you, as the Real You, you suddenly know for certain that you aren’t a person, a body, a piece of physical ‘stuff’ at all.

You’re not actually even the ‘observer’ or ‘seer’ that watches your every action and thought and feeling.

They’re all simply ‘tools’, methods, means by which the YOU within can express itself either physically, mentally, emotionally, astrally, angelically, bohhisattvically or otherwise.

You – your True Being – is a complete and wondrous aspect of the Godlight, the Divine Presence, the active Principle, Universal Expression.

You are the very Breath of God.

From the nothingness – that which has no vibration, no-being and yet is All-Being – arises the vibration, the Beingness which is also no-being.

This you are, deep within, perfectly, totally, fully, eternally, infinitely.

That Vibration which is the Voice of Existence expressing Itself as the Song of Life.

Going within you find your Self.

Finding your Self, you embrace and own your Self.

Owning your Self, your actions arise out of your True Being.

You become the Song of Livingness, Itself…..the celebration of existence in a world that has no meaning of its own.

Only then, in that awareness and consciousness, do your acts reflect the love and truth of who you are.

Embrace that knowingness and you embrace your Self.

You waken, once again, into a life of genuine abundance, of sincere love, of real compassion, of wise thoughts, of honest actions and of natural intentions.

Your pain and fear and doubts all disappear.

The shadows all are gone.

(They never truly were there in the first place, after all!)

Peace Be within You!

Love and Blessings,


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