Dearest Friends,

A Thousand thanks for your friendship, your love  and support.

There is a growing pandemic spreading across the entire world.

Oddly enough, it’s nothing new.

And it has nothing to do with Covid or any other virus.

It’s just that there’s a whole lot more of us sharing the planet.

So it’s so much easier to come in contact with it.

A current example is Australian politicians and media promoting the “likelihood of war with China within a  few years”….

At an economic level why would we want to go to war against our biggest trading customer?

That’s idiocy.

At a practical level does Australia really want to take on the world’s biggest army, navy and airforce?

That’s insanity.

(Did you know that Canberra is further from Beijing than either London or Washington…….so why the scare-mongering??).

And, at a far more important core level, why would Australians ever want to go to war and kill and maim and hurt and destroy men, women and children when our true purpose in life is simply to love and help and support one another……and to recognize that every difference between people is purely superficial and every similarity is the Divine shining through brightly…….

How has this happened?

Well, up until around 1875 (just 150 years ago) there was almost certainly no more than a billion people living at any time on this beautiful living life-orb we call planet Earth.

Which meant there were lots of empty spaces, forests, sparsely populated valleys and lots of distance between competing cultures and annoying neighbours… this pandemic of hostility was somewhat contained.

But then sex seemed to explode in popularity.

The population suddenly grew eight-fold – and today, some eight billion people are crammed onto this tiny planet with another two billion expected to arrive within the next 25 years…..

That will add another 25% more people to the crowd we already have now!

And that explodes by 4 times the entire world population we had just 70 years ago…..

This hustle and bustle – the breeding ground for this greatest-of-all- pandemics – is about to burst across a town or city near you.

Just look around at the rising street violence and homelessness….

All this hustling and bustling to find a spare space to roost reminds me of millions of Antarctic penguins nesting closely together on rocky, windy  outcrops to keep their young warm and safe whilst their parents took it in turns to brave the icy waters to catch much needed sustenance…..

In such circumstances, future chaos and the nightmare problems caused by excessive crowding can be easily imagined.

Especially as the human penguin rarely got on with his neighbour even when there were wide open spaces between them….

Life – regardless of the number of people on the planet – seems to have always been a place inclusive of this virus seen as unspeakable murder, mayhem, violence, brutality, depravity, greed and selfishness.

The population explosion – the breeding ground for this pandemic – won’t help matters at all.

So already, today, for the great majority of us……..

Life IS tough.

Life IS difficult.

Life IS a challenge.

Life DOES hurt.

And Life DOES turn us inside out and spits us out.

Life, itself, becomes the pandemic to finish off all other pandemics……

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Life can also help us, nurture us, guide us, love us ……IF we let it.

In the past, we rarely thought we could get help from Spirit.

So we rarely did.

And on the rare occasion we asked and we received……we thought it was a miracle and left it at that. We simply added it to our ‘miracles list’ and went straight back to our struggles.

Yet, Life can offer us an alternative.

It can offer us peaceful co-existence, rich partnerships, abundant opportunities, wonderful friendships, creative mastery, harmony, collaborative associations of every kind that benefit our societies and all of existence…..

We simply need to reject the insanities of war, of greed, of violence, of hatred, of intimidation, of segregation, of vilification, of suppression, of manipulation, of control, of racial, gender and class subjugation.

We need to love one another, accept one another, respect one another, honour one another and treat one another as we would the Divine.

For we and they together are pure Divinity.

It’s not rocket science.

It doesn’t require medical patents or Mrna vaccines.

This greatest of all Pandemics can only be safely handled and managed if we all work as One.

And aren’t we already simply individual aspects of the One????

It’s time to ditch the Insanity; and to treat all those that would divide us as we would treat the Insane: humanely but as mentally ill people to be lovingly brought back to mental health.

Politicians have to be told we want to make friends with everyone.

The alternative isn’t worth thinking about.

It’s time to grow up.

To ditch the stupidity of bigger bombs and bigger armies.

There has never been a more critical time to embrace our Oneness.

It’s time to release the Spirit Within.

And to live life according to its heart-driven principles.

We cannot leave it to the politicians.

That’s like leaving the inmates in charge of the asylum.

Each one of us must take back our spiritual authenticity and authority.

Nothing less is required.

Be well, be safe – be happy!

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Will be released shortly.

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Peace be within you.


Les – Community Of The Heart – Australia