The Golden Buddha – WHO ARE YOU??

In 1957 the highway authorities in Thailand built a new highway to reduce congestion through the capital, Bangkok. Regrettably there was an old Buddhist temple in the way.

It included a huge ancient Buddha statue, famous because it was made entirely of mud.

Large cranes and equipment were brought in so it didn’t get damaged on its way to its new temple home…..

Tragically it rained; and although the statue was covered it suffered damages……and on closer inspection small flecks of metal could be seen underneath the mud……

This metal was gold.

200  years earlier (almost to the year) Burmese troops had invaded Thailand and the monks had covered this huge pure gold Buddha statue with mud to save it from being stolen and possibly destroyed.

Are you the mud or the gold?

On the outside we are ALL mud to one degree or another….

But on the inside we are ALL pure gold.

This week we placed Heartland on the market for sale.

It may be bought by someone seeking a yoga or healing centre, a property where two or more families can live happily together and maybe run a bustling bed and breakfast or a horse stud, a multi-family communal property away from the chaos…or maybe a place for injured vets or women seeking safety…….

We welcome  everyone to consider Heartland for their next step…..

Yet I ask you to remember that I remain 1000% committed to helping you find the gold which you are.

I shall do so via weekend retreats, more books, lots of articles like this, video workshops and personal mentoring video sessions.

I remain committed to helping you, your friends, associates and family to own the pure gold you each are within.


Peace be within you.

Les Dyer