Every week so many of you communicate with me – thankyou so much!

This week I’d like to share two recent emails relating to my Peace article.

The first is a poem from Brian Bell ……

The second is an article from Stella Margaret……

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Let your wandering stop, as you find this place where your spirit sets free the mirage you chase.

Now be ready to feel the complete release that is waiting for you in the garden of peace.

In the garden of peace, there’s a sense of light that will help you to see through the darkest night and when turbulence leaves you in desperate straits, you can bring yourself here, to the love that waits.

In the garden of peace you can leave each sound the illusion creates as the world spins ’round, re-examine your thoughts, till you find your way to be totally calm, and to live today.

In the garden of peace there are sacred seeds and they spring into life, filling all your needs.

As you honour yourself and attend each plant, true serenity comes, through the gifts they grant.

In the garden of peace, should the teardrops flow, all your sorrow dissolves and it helps you grow.

All the suffering felt tends to boundless joy, and you look at your world as a brand new toy.

It’s a garden where stress turns to endless calm once perception lets go its belief in harm, where there’s always a way to dismiss your fear,  and face happier days with a mind that’s clear.

You may see it as strange, but your dream waits there, till the freedom of change is a joy you share.

Now you’ve let it begin, feel the love increase, as you journey within, through your garden of peace.

(c) Brian Bell “from “Inner Pieces’, (c) 1998”


A dear friend shared her concept around happiness just recently.

She is the heart of a household of blokes (husband and 2 almost grown sons) all of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorder

When asked how and what she is currently doing, she responds with…

“Oh, you know….just pedalling sunshine as hard as I can”.

We tried a little experiment.

We went to the Morayfield shopping centre where the energy was fairly intense.

We each took one side of the mall, walked all the way down and all the way back and smiled at anyone we could make eye contact with. Although many people clearly avoided eye contact. most of those that were brave enough to look, spotted us on the return journey and hit us with beautiful smiles. It was a lovely experience, and for me gave a whole new meaning to “Pedalling Sunshine as Hard as I Can”.

Stella Margaret.

Love and Blessings,