The falling leaves….

In life you and I notice that nature tells us everything we want to know……from the circle of life to the cycle of seasons…..and everything in between.

Take trees as an example.

Each tree starts as a tiny seed in the darkness of the earth’s soil and move upward into the bright light of day.

It is constantly growing, never stopping its development in one way or another.

Its bark is tough but resilient so that it can withstand the weather.

Its trunk is strong but pliable so that it can bend without breaking in the strongest of winds.

Its branches radiate outward in many directions in search of experience and sustenance.

These branches intertwine effortlessly with the branches of neighbouring trees.

Each tree lives in harmony with its neighbors: none compares itself either as inferior or superior in relation to other trees in its circle. None becomes violent with those who share its particular parcel of land. None gangs up. Each is happy to be itself; and to grow as is meant, regardless of the progress of others.

The tree and its branches accept all-comers, both of the feathered and footed varieties, graciously and openly without ever any murmur of dissent.

And its leaves constantly drop: yet never a tear falls as it watches itself be shorn of its company.

It simply allows the inevitable to happen, ever certain that new growth and new leaves will replace those now lost……

It realizes that, only when its end comes and it dies, will new leaves stop appearing.

These leaves represent its friendships, its relationships and its almost endless opportunities to express itself: thus, as its leaves fall away they are replaced.

This tree shows us so many laws of nature.

And it also explains so much about ourselves, too.

Just take a moment to relate each aspect of the tree to your own life……and be amazed!

By recognizing and acknowledging the working of these laws in our own lives, we are able to grow ever stronger, ever taller, ever more in harmony with the Infinite and Divine Presence that plants us in the rich soil of wondrous Life!

Blessings to you for a wondrous week of self discovery!